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Video: The UDAAN Project

Udaan, meaning flight is an accelerated learning camp is especially designed to help marginalized adolescent girls who never enrolled in school.

Many may have also dropped out of school and the project is designed to help them complete their primary education within 11 months.

This is achieved with the help of teachers trained in participatory approaches.

The camp, run by CARE India and a partner organisation, Sarvodaya Ashram in Hardoi has been operating since 1999.

It teaches girls to develop a broader world view as well as provide a forum for critically examining social issues.

Udaan has not only made a difference for the girls who enrol; it also has helped bring about a positive change in families’ opinions about girls’ education.

Watch our video to learn more:


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£5,000 will help to ensure that CARE is on the ground ready to act when emergencies hit

£10,000 will set up an Innovation Fund for Education in Ghana

£20,000 funds an HIV and AIDS voluntary counselling and testing programme in Ethiopia

£200,000 will start a national reconciliation project by local organisations in Uganda aimed at addressing poverty through social justice

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