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A community volunteer stands with vulnerable local children in Cambodia. © CARE / Laura McKay.A community volunteer stands with vulnerable local children in Cambodia. © CARE / Laura McKay.

CARE has worked in Cambodia since 1973.

In 1975 CARE helped support the millions of Cambodian refugees who fled the Khmer Rouge and were living in camps along the Thai-Cambodian border.

CARE now works long term with communities to reduce the effects of disasters, clear mines, increase access to better livelihoods and establish community schools.

Disaster management

CARE is working to reduce families’ vulnerability to disasters by building the skills of people and organisations. We work with communities to prepare for drought.


One in 278 Cambodians is a mine survivor. More than five million mines could still cause death and injury. CARE is clearing mines so that communities are able to use land safely and effectively.

Food and livelihood security

CARE’s activities aim to increase people’s access to better livelihood opportunities, establish savings and credit groups in villages and, through support and training, improve rural people’s farming techniques and financial skills.


Most indigenous people do not speak Cambodia’s national language of Khmer, the language used in government schools. This means indigenous children are less likely to enrol in school and less likely to stay there. CARE has established community-run schools, where students learn in both their own language and Khmer.


Cambodia experiences high rates of maternal, infant and child mortality with a continued prevalence of malaria, tuberculosis and HIV.

CARE encourages communities to adopt safe reproductive health and family planning practices, particularly targeting young people through adolescent-friendly services. We are also working to develop a HIV prevention programme with 1000 sex workers in border towns.

Human rights

CARE works to promote human rights in Cambodia. One project is helping survivors of rape and other acts of gender based violence access legal and protection services through a 24-hour crisis centre. CARE is also training police in gender issues.

Support for small businesses

Cambodia is also one of the countries where we work with microfinance institution partners to offer financial support to small business entrepreneurs. This comes in the form of micro loans, through our lendwithcare programme.


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Where is Cambodia?

Map showing the location of Cambodia

Cambodia: Country facts

Population: 14 million
Life expectancy at birth: 58 years
Adult literacy rate: 73.6%
Access to improved water source: 41%
Infant mortality rate: 143 per 1,000 live births
Maternal mortality rate: 590 per 100,000 live births
HIV prevalence: 1.6%

Sources: UN Human Development Report 2007/2008

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