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Children dancing at an education project in Mali.Children dancing at an education project in Mali.

CARE began operations in Mali in 1975.

Our programmes focus on strengthening community-based organisations and local government, to ensure communities have a say in the decisions affecting their lives.

In Mali, we work to improve the situation for the most vulnerable members of society, such as poor women and children.


We are improving women’s access to credit and income-generating activities, so that they can earn and save money and achieve greater financial stability.

We are also working to prevent female circumcision by raising awareness of the health risks involved.

Combating Child Labour

We also work on preventing trafficking in children and exploitative child labour by improving education services and by increasing overall school enrolment.

CARE also raises awareness about child trafficking among children and provides economic opportunities for the families of at-risk children.


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Where is Mali?

Map showing the location of Mali

Mali: Country facts

Population: 13.5 million
Life expectancy at birth: 48.3 years
Adult literacy rate: 16.9%
Infant mortality rate: 121 per 1,000 live births
HIV prevalence: 1.7%

Sources: World Development Indicators

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