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Women at a savings and loan scheme meeting in Tanzania. © CARE / Nicky Lewin.Women at a savings and loan scheme meeting in Tanzania. © CARE / Nicky Lewin.

CARE began working in Tanzania in April 1994, in response to the influx of refugees into the north-west due to the crisis in neighbouring Rwanda.

Over the ensuing 15 years CARE Tanzania has developed innovative education, health, microfinance, and environmental programmes across most regions of the country.

CARE Tanzania's programmes are designed to specifically address the needs of poor and vulnerable people, dependent on natural resources in areas with scarce food supply, and in rural areas women of reproductive age and school-aged girls.

Climate Change and Environment

The combined forces of climate change, population growth and environmental degradation threaten the livelihoods and well-being of 80 percent of Tanzania’s population, including fishermen and farmers.

CARE works with these people to help them use the land effectively, whilst contributing to conservation of the environment.

CARE programmes teach people about their rights and about the resources that are available to them under recent changes to laws on natural resources.

More recently CARE has introduced projects to help forest-dependent communities to gain access to carbon market funding to support their efforts to protect and restore the forests.

Girl’s Education

CARE’s education programmes in Tanzania help marginalised girls in rural areas access quality basic education.

Maternal Health

CARE works at community, regional and national levels to reduce maternal and newborn mortality.

Women’s Empowerment and Microfinance

CARE works with women and girls, local leaders and institutions, to address various obstacles to adult literacy, improve support for households managing long-term illness and access to Microfinance through village savings and loans groups.


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Where is Tanzania?

Map showing the location of Tanzania

Tanzania: Country facts

Population: 46.2 million
Life expectancy at birth: 58 years
Adult literacy rate: 73%
Access to improved water source: 53%
GDP per capita: US$532
Infant mortality rate: 50 per 1,000 live births
Maternal mortality rate: 450 per 100,000 live births

    Sources: World Bank

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