Live Well Social Enterprise: Creating healthier communities across Zambia

Three Live Well Community Health Entrepreneurs who provide people in remote villages with access to a range of health products and referrals to health services when people need further help

Live Well is a CARE social enterprise – set up in partnership with Barclays and GSK – that will provide Zambians living in remote and under-served areas with access to quality healthcare products and advice, whilst creating job opportunities for thousands of Zambians.

Better healthcare for rural Zambians

The majority of Zambians in rural and peri-urban areas have to walk long distances to reach their nearest health clinics which are often under-resourced and poorly stocked. This means millions of Zambians suffer needlessly from health conditions that are easily treatable or preventable, because they lack access to the healthcare products and services they need.

Bag of health products
A selection of the products offered by a Community Health Entrepreneur

Bringing healthcare to the people

Live Well aims to meet this need by recruiting, training and supporting a network of Community Health Entrepreneurs across Lusaka Province and Eastern Province in Zambia.

After being trained in basic healthcare and the use of health products – as well as in business, finance and enterprise development skills – the Community Health Entrepreneurs will provide a door-to-door service in remote areas: promoting healthcare, making referrals to clinics and selling a range of vital health products as well as generating an income.

A Community Health Entrepreneur visits a customer
Robson, one of the Live Well Community Health Entrepreneurs, visits some customers

Partnership in practice

This is an innovative partnership between CARE, Barclays Group and GSK, with support from the NGO, Living Goods – bringing together skills from the private, not-for-profit and social enterprise sectors. With the support of its partners, Live Well will meet health needs, develop a robust supply chain and business model, and create livelihoods for thousands of Zambians in communities of high unemployment.

Three Live Well entrepreneurs
Three Live Well Community Health Entrepreneurs