CARE and Diageo: A global value chain approach to promoting women’s empowerment

Workers in a beer garden in Cambodia: Diageo supported CARE to establish The Solidarity Association of Beer Promoters Care which has strengthened protective legislation and supported women to engage with employers about their experiences

The CARE-Diageo partnership aims to deliver transformational change in CARE communities throughout the Diageo value chain.

Together we aspire to empower women and engage men to address the root causes of gender inequality through research, programming and advocacy activities. 

At every stage of the value chain there are different opportunities available to men and women as well as different barriers to be overcome each day. Women are disproportionately disadvantaged throughout these experiences, whether they are smallholder farmers, workers in the hospitality industry or consumers buying products at the end of the value chain. 
Gender-based violence is a symptom and a cause of this gender inequality; violence against women occurs because of unequal power between men and women and it stops women from fulfilling their potential within the value chain. This is because violence – and the threat of it – stops women’s freedom of movement, education and access to opportunities. 
The CARE-Diageo partnership builds on the strength of both partners on a global scale to tackle gender inequality. By taking an end-to-end value chain approach the partnership scopes initiatives which are firmly rooted in the needs of the women who Diageo interacts with throughout its daily operations. 
Together CARE and Diageo have invested in gathering data and understanding the experiences of women throughout the Diageo value chain, including smallholder farmers, sales agents and corporate employees. We have used this research to create recommendations and build action for more gender inclusive business models throughout Diageo operations, as well as to advocate for change across business sectors. By focusing on Diageo’s core business, we are creating long-lasting and sustainable change. 
In alignment with CARE’s Agenda 2030 and Diageo’s Spirit of Progress 2030 sustainability strategy, the partners are now committed to standardising the lessons that have been learned so far and to taking action at scale across the Diageo business.