A Quiz Night Out - Frequently Asked Questions

We think we've got most questions covered below but if there's still something you want to find out about then send us an email to events@careinternational.org and we’ll get on it straightaway.

How do I sign up to host a quiz?

Simple, head to this page and fill in your details and then leave the rest to us! (We’ll send you regular updates and everything you’ll need for the big night)

Do I have to pay to register?

No, it’s completely free to register to host a quiz

When should I hold my quiz?

International Women’s Day is Friday 8th March 2019 so we suggest you hold your quiz sometime between 4th and 12th March.

What will CARE be providing to venues?

As well as the quiz questions (in your preferred format) and answer sheets, we’ll provide promotional materials to help you spread the word about your quiz. This will include posters, flyers, beer mats and content to stick on your website.

In what format are the questions provided?

It’s your choice, we can provide questions in audio and visual form or as a combination of audio and printed questions for your quiz master to read aloud. Either way, we’ll email you a link to download everything you need a few weeks before the quiz.

What am I expected to provide as a Quiz venue?

Nothing more than means of reading or playing the quiz question rounds and a fun environment for a night of quizzical merriment.

How can people find out about my quiz?

Spread the word about your quiz with the posters, flyers, and other merchandise we send you. We can also provide images and other content for your website and social channels, just get in touch by emailing events@careinternational.org

In February we will be launching a quiz finder page on our website where people will be able to enter their postcode and locate their nearest quiz venue. If you’re happy for your quiz to be listed among the results then be sure to select the right option on the registration form.

Does my quiz have to be listed on the CARE website?

No, if you’re planning on hosting a private event then just tell us as much when you complete your registration form. You’ll still receive all the materials you’ll need but we won’t include your quiz on our quiz finder web page.

What rounds will there be?

As you’d expect there will be a focus on famous females and feminine feats with some of the questions, alongside all the popular classics – geography, history, TV, sport etc. All questions will fit In with the quiz theme: International Women’s Day.

What celebrities are involved?

This is top secret at the moment but we’ll be announcing names soon enough so watch this space!

How long is the quiz?

With ten questions per round and a total of ten rounds we reckon you’ll be done within two hours. That said, it’s really up to you how long you leave for breaks and marking.

How do we raise money with the Quiz?

Charging an entry fee per team member is the most obvious way, we recommend £2-3 per person, if you already host a quiz you can add £2 onto the cost per person and donate the extra. One or two of the question rounds will also give the perfect opportunity to raise extra funds – more on that to come! Of course you’re welcome to supplement this with a raffle, auction, and collection tins about the place, or any other fundraising ideas you have!

How do we pay in the money we fundraise?

We will let you know this nearer the time, we’ll provide you with bank details and online payment link to make it as easy as possible for you.

What will the money raised be spent on?

CARE’s speciality is supporting women and girls living in poverty. Women and girls’ lack of control over their lives is a root cause of poverty, so we help women and girls empower themselves to overcome it. And when one woman is helped out of poverty, she brings many other people with her. If you’re happy for us to stay in touch, we’ll keep you updated about the sorts of projects your fundraising has supported.

What is the deadline for signing up to host a quiz?

There isn't a specific deadline for signing up but the sooner you do, the sooner you'll be eligible for prizes, discounts and promotional materials!

Is there a logo I can use on my website?

There certainly is! When you sign up we will send you a link to download everything you need for your website. .

Is there a hashtag we should use?

Yep, help spread the word by using #quiznightout

Can I host a quiz somewhere other than in a pub?

Absolutely. If you want to hold a public or private quiz elsewhere then just fill in the registration form and we’ll make sure you get all the materials you need.

What if I need to cancel my quiz?

These things happen and if you do need to cancel then let us know so that we can update our website. Don’t forget to tell anyone who’s planning on coming too!