Stairs And The City

14 April 2018
Open for registration
Key event info
Date: 14 April 2018
Start -
The Leadenhall Building, London
Distance: 48 floors, 1200+ steps
Target Sponsorship:
Registration fee -
£30 | with reception - £50
Fundraising -

Stairs And The City: the UK’s tallest stair climb challenge

Join CARE’s ultimate women-only stair climb challenge in London in April 2018.

This is the very first tower-running challenge for women only and it is being held in the iconic Leadenhall Building aka The Cheesegrater, which is also the highest stair climb in the UK at 48 floors.

CARE’s Stairs And The City takes place on Saturday 14 April 2018 and is a unique opportunity for women across the UK to join together in solidarity with women and girls around the world who face inequality on a daily basis and are denied the chance to fulfil their potential. By taking part and raising a minimum of £150 you will help CARE continue to empower women across the world to make a real difference

Money you raise before 22nd April will be DOUBLED by the UK government as part of CARE’s Help Her Live Learn and Earn campaign.

With 48 floors and 1,258 steps this is your exclusive chance to challenge your strength and determination to get to the top of one of the best buildings in the heart of the City of London.

Take the stairs at your own pace or get competitive with your friends and colleagues: we welcome both individuals and groups to join the challenge!

Step out of your comfort zone and push yourself this April: for more information take a look at our FAQs below, or simply get yourself signed up via the Register Now button.

Stair climb challenge at the Leadenhall Building in London in 2018

Celebrate your achievement

After you’ve taken on the 48 floors of The Cheesegrater and reached the top, we’re looking forward to welcoming you to Landing Forty Two.

With your £50 ticket you will get exclusive access at the 42nd floor where you can celebrate your achievement and enjoy a glass of bubbly in one of London’s most exclusive venues with a spectacular view. 

We will be allowing a maximum of one adult and two children (16 and under) to join you at the top to celebrate and enjoy the stunning views with you.
We will have a limit to capacity on 42nd floor, so we will provide you with a colour coded wristband when entering. After two hours we may have to ask you to leave so that we can make sure everyone gets to enjoy the reception.

If you didn’t book your ticket to the reception when registering, or you want to book an extra ticket for your guest, get in touch at

Don't miss out!


What time will it start?

You will be able to choose a start time when you register, there will be slots available between 10:30am-1:30 pm. If when you are signing up there is not a slot available that is suitable for you please contact the Events Team to discuss this further. You’ll need to arrive at least half an hour (preferably an hour) before your chosen start time in order to leave enough time to register with us and collect your CARE vest, time tag and event number. You can then drop off your bag (please limit to one bag) and join us for a warm up before taking on the challenge.

What will happen on the day?

After you register and complete your warm up you will be able to start your climb. You will be wearing a timing chip so you don’t have to race to cross the start line, and you will be able to stick together with people that you know if you wish. We will have volunteers cheering you along the way and when you reach the top you will be greeted with one of the best views in London as well as your finish medal. Our event photographer will be there to take your official finish photo which you can purchase on the day too. Once you have got your breath back and taken in the views you can return to the ground floor to pick up your personal belongings and head to the 42nd floor reception if you have a ticket.

Why do I need to bring photo ID?

To minimise the threat to security many venues in London are taking additional security measures. This procedure is nothing to worry about, it is to keep you safe and make sure the day goes smoothly. We will send you lots of reminders before the day to bring your photo ID: please make sure you don’t forget it as you will not be able to access the building and the challenge without it.

Can I take anything with me during the challenge?

Due to the safety risk we ask that you don’t take anything with you (including a mobile phone) that is loose on your body, including anything in your hands, pockets or in an arm band/bum bag for the challenge, the event staff will be checking this on the day. Water will be given out at the finish line, plus our stairwell marshals will have a supply of water if needed. There will also be a photographer at the finish to capture your special moment.

Please note: An exception will be made for required medication, please speak to staff at the registration desk about this on the day.

Do I need special kit?

Just the sort of kit you would normally go running in. Trainers, running shorts/tights, and a breathable gym shirt. We’ll be providing CARE running vests on the day to everyone who has hit the £150 fundraising target.

How much do I have to raise?

Your fundraising target is £150 per person. You also need to have raised £75 per person by the day of the event in order to take part and £150 to receive your CARE running vest.

The final fundraising deadline will be on 14 May 2018.

I’ve never fundraised before, where do I start?

The first step is to set up an online fundraising page through JustGiving – this can be shared with your family, friends and colleagues to raise funds and you will be surprised how quickly you will reach your target. When you sign up we will provide you with some top tips to maximise your page and reach your target. If you prefer the more traditional method of sponsor forms we can provide you with these too.

If you don’t want to ask people to sponsor you, we can give you lots of other ideas of ways that you can raise funds through simple events and activities.

Where does my sponsorship go?

Funds raised from this event will support CARE International, helping to provide humanitarian aid in times of crisis and long-term support to communities living in poverty with a strong focus on the needs of women and girls.

At least 83p of every £1 raised is directed to CARE’s life-changing work.

Why is the event for women only?

CARE International UK organises several fundraising events each year and we try to make sure that we have something for everyone. Due to the nature of CARE’s work with women and girls, we find that a large percentage of our supporters are women and in the past when we had women-only events they have been very successful, raising more funds to support women and girls living in poverty around the world than the mixed gender equivalent. 

We have been very fortunate to secure the partnership with the Leadenhall Building who have donated the use of the building for this one-off event, and we believe that a women-only event gives us the potential to fundraise the most - which means supporting more people living in poverty around the world.

Why does CARE support women and girls around the world?

Women and girls are disproportionately affected by poverty, that’s why we put them at the heart of what we do. Read more about the challenges women and girls face as well as CARE’s support and work in this area.

If I get a ticket to the reception afterwards what do I get?

The reception area (Landing Forty Two) is on the 42nd floor and is one of London’s most exclusive venues to take in views of the city. To access the reception you will need to purchase a ticket in addition to your challenge entry fee, this costs £20 and you will receive a glass of bubbly upon entry.

The reception area will have a very reasonably priced bar (proceeds to CARE International) for additional drinks you might want as well as light refreshments available. You will be able to enjoy celebrating with other participants, meet CARE staff and volunteers and also find out more about how your fundraising is helping women and girls.

Due to the limited capacity of the reception venue, we may need to ask people to leave after 2 hours to ensure that there is enough space to accommodate everyone. This will give you plenty of time to relax and celebrate and enjoy the view, and it is the only way we can offer participants the chance to share this experience with their loved ones. Please note you will be given a wristband to access the reception which will denote your time slot, this will be based on your event participation time so you will not be able to go away and come back to the reception at a later time.

Can my friends and family join me to spectate on the day?

Unfortunately we can’t let any spectators onto the stairs or the 48th floor on the day, but you are very welcome to bring supporters along to be with you before you start the climb and meet you on the ground floor when you’ve finished. Friends and family can also purchase a ticket to Landing Forty Two for £20 to celebrate your achievement and enjoy the views with you after you’ve completed the challenge. Please contact the Events Team at to buy reception tickets for guests.

Please note, due to the limited capacity of the room, we can only allow a maximum of one adult and two children per participant. If we have more places available closer to the event you will be able to purchase additional tickets on a first come first served basis.

Why do I have to pay to go into the reception?

We were given the opportunity to hire the reception venue (Landing Forty Two) at a heavily discounted rate, and we wanted to be able to offer this unique experience to participants of the stair climb and your supporters to make it an extra special day. We want your fundraising to go to people living in poverty, so we would like to recover the hire costs from selling tickets to the reception to people who would like to attend. We do have a limited capacity, which is why we need to limit the number of guests per participant and the amount of time people can spend in the reception if it starts to get full.

We have tried to make sure the reception is as accessible as possible to everyone who takes part, even those with young families, which is why you will have the opportunity to buy one £20 adult ticket for anyone over the age of 16, and they will be able to bring up to 2 children with them free of charge (the link to purchase these tickets will be sent out at a later date). We understand that some of you may want to purchase more tickets than this, and we will do our best to offer you this opportunity nearer the event date when we know how many tickets we have sold, but in order for us to keep to the venue capacity we will need to limit the tickets that are available.

What happens if I don’t want to go to the reception?

The reception will be a great experience, and we would encourage you to get a ticket and attend, however, if this is not possible don’t worry! You will be presented with your medal at the finish line on the 48th floor and then you will be taken back to the ground floor to meet anyone who is waiting for you and collect your belongings. We will still give you a warm welcome back to the ground floor after completing your challenge.

What's the average completion time of the challenge?

  • Fastest time: 6 min 58 sec 
  • Average time: 14 min 05 sec 
  • Slowest time: 39 min 31 sec 

It’s not a big enough challenge for me so can I do it more than once?

If you want to complete the stair climb more than once in the day this will be possible, please contact the events team to discuss this option.

Help Her Live, Learn and Earn 

Money you raise before 22nd April will be DOUBLED by the UK government as part of CARE’s Help Her Live Learn and Earn campaign.

So your £150 will become £300!

By taking part and fundraise for Stairs And The City, you will support CARE International, to help women and girls to break the cycle of poverty – because when one woman works her way out of poverty, she brings her family and community with her.

Any sponsorship donations received from UK residents until the 22 April 2018 will be doubled by the UK government, up to a total of £5 million, as part of CARE International’s Help Her Live, Learn and Earn campaign. Donations will help to fund CARE’s vital work with women and girls in some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities.

The match funding will go towards a new project helping women and girls in a remote and poor area of Tanzania to grow enough food to feed their families and earn a living. This project will not go ahead without your help, so thank you in advance for any support you are able to give.

Visit our Help Her Live, Learn and Earn campaign page for more information.

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