Aziza’s story: “I want to grow enough food to sell”

Aziza Saidi, a farmer in the Same district of Tanzania

I do not have food at all at home, there is nothing at all.

Aziza Saidi lives with her family in Makanya village, Tanzania. She’s a farmer who grows maize and sorghum but the lack of rain has made it harder and harder to grow enough to feed her family – never mind make a living.

What remains is for my family. That is what I use for my family. I have nothing to sell.

She used to be able to grow vegetables in her small home garden but now it’s almost completely bare.

Aziza in her barren food garden in Tanzania

Because there is no rain, you cannot know if you will harvest or not. There is no rain, so what can you expect?

Over the past five years, Aziza says she has seen a noticeable decrease in rainfall. The drought and pests such as weevils have destroyed her crops and mean she and her family have nothing to eat.

It affects me, the hunger, yes, we starve.

With no other source of income – the family have no livestock or assets to sell – Aziza breaks rocks for hours a day, in order to sell stones to make a meagre amount of money.

Aziza breaking rocks

Our project in the Same district of Tanzania will provide training to farmers like Aziza so they can grow more food, feed their families and earn an income.