Venice’s story: “I hope that life will change”

Venice Youze, a farmer in the Same district of Tanzania

Being a champion farmer has helped me a lot.

Venice Youze lives with her husband and her three children in Kasapo village, Tanzania. The region has seen increasingly tough conditions in recent years. Many farmers have been struggling because of the lack of rain. Venice says:

Since I depend on farming, it affects me to a big extent. It means if there is no water, I cannot plant in my garden. And when it does not rain, the crops don’t grow, and my family don’t have what we need.

Despite this, Venice counts herself lucky – because of the training in climate-smart agriculture that she has already received from CARE. Now, when her neighbours are looking for advice on how to grow crops when there’s little water, she’s the person they come to.

Venice in her food garden beside her house

The training shows farmers like Venice how to grow crops using less water, for example by using individual containers for plants, mixing manure with the soil, and growing crops that are more drought-resistant. She was also taught how to collect and store rain water in a water tank in her garden.

Women like Venice are taking the lead

The confidence she gained has also changed things at home. Because Venice was the one who attended the training, her husband now follows her lead when it comes to farming. They come to decisions together; he accepts her advice and both she and her husband go to market to sell their produce.

Venice with plants and seedlings in her food garden

Venice is also part of a savings and loan group – another key way that CARE supports women. She says:

Being a member has helped me to invest and get loans.

She now also runs a chicken business, selling eggs at the market and selling chicken to order.

She tells us she hopes to continue to improve as a farmer. She hopes that in future she’ll be able to buy a car to take her produce to market. And she’s optimistic for her children. She hopes her daughter will one day become a doctor.

The truth is I really thank CARE a lot. I am so proud (of being a champion farmer) because I would not have got what I have.