Men have a part to play

Newton Faulkner, joined by Sam Brookes and Toby Faulkner, sings Step In The Right Direction to support our march for women and girls around the world – #March4Women

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Men and boys can be champions for gender equality

Male attitudes are part of the problem – but men can also be part of the solution. That's why we are delighted that

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Why is gender equality a man's issue?

Male-dominated power structures, socially and culturally entrenched male privilege, sexist attitudes towards women – there's a lot to overcome before gender equality can become a reality.

CARE believes that we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities. That's why CARE's work around the world seeks to address the structures and attitudes that perpetuate gender inequality.

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And our work shows that men are increasingly recognising the benefits of a fairer, more equal world.

People of all genders want to live in a world of hope, tolerance and social justice. Women and girls are leading the way in standing up for their rights. But men and boys have a crucial part to play too.

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