Let’s put a stop to harassment, abuse and violence

A garment worker at a factory in Cambodia

Abuse isn’t in any woman’s job description

Sign our letter calling on UK fashion brands to protect the women who make our clothes.

Nearly 1 in 3 women workers experience violence and harassment in many of the overseas factories making clothes to be sold on UK high streets.

Women like Chea [not her real name], a garment worker in Cambodia, who dreaded going to work because of the regular abuse she faced:

The men at the factory would stare at me and tell me that I was old enough ‘to be eaten’... Walking the small distance from my sewing machine to the toilet used to be very uncomfortable.

Or another worker at a garment factory in Cambodia who told us:

Sometimes, of course I think about not going to work any more, but then I think about my family and I know I cannot quit.

A woman at a garment factory in Bangladesh
A woman at a garment factory in Gazipur, Bangladesh

It​’s​ time for this to end

CARE International wants to see the creation of new international standards which would cut out harassment, abuse and violence in the workplace – and there is currently a rare opportunity to make this happen.

The ILO (International Labour Organisation) is considering creating a new Convention – a global agreement for employers, governments and trade unions – to end workplace harassment, abuse and violence.

UK fashion companies can help turn this into a reality. We believe they have a responsibility to act.

So we’re asking the head of the UK Fashion and Textile Association (UKFT) – a trade body representing high street fashion brands and retailers – to make a public statement in support of the new Convention.

Will you sign our letter calling for action?

As a potential customer of clothing brands in the UK, your voice is really powerful.

And if UK companies respond to your call and show their support publicly, a new ILO Convention is more likely to be created. 

This could make a huge difference to ending harassment and abuse against women at work.

Please add your name to our petition letter.

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