The moment Precious’ life changed – forever


Imagine if getting a drink of water was something that could kill you.

Imagine if you had to walk an hour each way through dangerous terrain to reach a river where the water was dirty.

Now imagine you are a nine-year-old girl and make this journey twice a day, carrying a bucket of water that weighs just over three stone on your head.

Precious carrying bucket on her head

This was the reality for Precious. Twice a day, every day, she used to walk down an isolated track to collect water from a river in Chivi District, Zimbabwe, so that she and her little sisters had water to drink.

But the water Precious fetched was dirty and contaminated. It wasn’t safe to drink – but it was the only choice they had.

I’m afraid of dying. I don’t want to die due to a painful disease while others are worrying about me.

But, with help from supporters like you, her life changed forever when a borehole was built in her village.

Watch what happened the day that clean water came to Precious:

I am so happy to have seen our water coming out. I stood in the water, and I jumped up and down in it.

Will you help other girls like Precious have access to clean and safe water?

With your help, we can reach more girls like Precious in Zimbabwe and around the world. Please donate today to help bring clean water closer to children like Precious and change their lives forever.

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Precious holding a glass of water