Man on a mission: A lifetime committed to protecting the rights of women and girls

Patrick Vuonze is a Gender and Protection Manager for CARE South Sudan

"Since I was young, I defended those who could not stand up for themselves. I would more than once confront others in school to stop bullying young girls. This never made me very popular but I just did not like to see others suffering. 

World Humanitarian Day: Life as a humanitarian worker in South Sudan

Richard James-Koma, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for CARE South Sudan, reflects on his experience of working in the humanitarian aid sector for World Humanitarian Day.

Ethiopia conflict: “I lost my children, wealth, my pride and dignity”

In their own words, people who have fled from conflict in Ethiopia describe the desperate conditions they are now living in.

Festival brings together Syrian and Turkish youngsters

A festival in Southern Turkey is bringing together Syrian and Turkish families

Global Disability Summit: Ernasto's story

Ernasto, from Rwanda, who lives with a disability, found his life was turned around when he attended couples training with CARE. This is his story in his own words.

Global Disability Summit: How CARE meets the needs of disabled people

Find out how CARE is helping disabled women like Josafina, a farmer in Tanzania.

Photo story: How to be a healthy garment worker in Cambodia

CARE is helping women garment factory workers in Cambodia take charge of their own health. Find out how.

Positive fatherhood: Stories of Syrian and Lebanese men

Syrian refugee men and Lebanese men learn positive gender roles from CARE's pioneering project.