CARE's impact

Peru: Real solutions to tough problems

CARE’s work in Peru gives a great insight into the variety of ways CARE is empowering women, girls and poor communities to fight poverty.

Giving young Syrian refugees the chance to play

A new sports ground run by CARE at Azraq refugee camp in Jordan offers young Syrian refugees the chance to be children again.

Ebola: Spreading opportunities amidst crisis

This devastating disease has not only robbed people of their lives, but also of their livelihoods. CARE’s village savings groups are providing a means to fight back.

Haiti earthquake: Jean Angélène's story

Jean Angélène and her family were among the more than 1.5 million Haitians left homeless after the deadly earthquake that hit the country five years ago.

Gaza crisis: Six months on

During the 50-day conflict in Gaza CARE and our partner PMRS set up three mobile health teams. Here are the stories of some of the people we worked with.

2014 – A dire year for Syrian refugees

CARE’s Johanna Mitscherlich looks back on 12 months of working with Syrian refugees – and pays tribute to their resilience and humanity.

Indian Ocean tsunami: Survivors say thank you

Survivors of the 2004 tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia, say thank you to CARE supporters for the help they received to rebuild their lives.

Marlina’s story: How your help transformed a life

I can’t stop staring at the girl sitting in front of me. I can’t help it. Today is Marlina’s 12th birthday. When I first met her in Aceh, Indonesia, after the tsunami, she was two years old, and she was dying.