CARE's impact

2014 – A dire year for Syrian refugees

CARE’s Johanna Mitscherlich looks back on 12 months of working with Syrian refugees – and pays tribute to their resilience and humanity.

Indian Ocean tsunami: Survivors say thank you

Survivors of the 2004 tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia, say thank you to CARE supporters for the help they received to rebuild their lives.

Marlina’s story: How your help transformed a life

I can’t stop staring at the girl sitting in front of me. I can’t help it. Today is Marlina’s 12th birthday. When I first met her in Aceh, Indonesia, after the tsunami, she was two years old, and she was dying.

Indian Ocean tsunami: Survivors 10 years on

10 years on, we visited some of the people in Aceh, Indonesia, who we helped just after the tsunami hit.

South Sudan: “A story too sad to hear again”

I’ve heard stories like the one I am going to tell four times already. I’m not sure I can stand to hear it again. It’s terrible – doubly so because the tragedy could have been prevented.

Typhoon Hagupit: “Preparation saved our lives”

“We were all terrified that we were about to relive Haiyan. But this time we were prepared, and so was my home.”

Human Rights Day: A hand-up for Hamid

Last Friday in Beirut I met Hamid, a young Syrian from Damascus. He's been working as a waiter for almost a year, after he fled the conflict in Syria fearing for his life.

Typhoon Hagupit: From being afraid to being prepared

“Not another Haiyan please!” This was my first thought when I learned about Typhoon Hagupit approaching our region, writes CARE's Rona Casil.