CARE's impact

Niger: Everybody depends on the Earth to survive

Climate change is making survival more difficult in Dan Maza Idi and villages like it across Niger.

Niger: “Food is the most basic need”

Drought, soaring food prices, and regional insecurity are creating additional pressure for struggling families like Tchima’s.

Peru: Tackling poverty and inequality in a ‘middle income country’

CARE is supporting communities to create long-term change and to understand and demand their rights.

Zimbabwe: Take a walk in Agnes’ shoes

In the red dusty landscape of southern Zimbabwe, a slight figure walks under the blazing afternoon sun with a tin bucket swinging by her side.

Haiti earthquake: How CARE rebuilds alongside local people

"Life was very hard… But now I have a house and I am gaining weight again."

A new era for mothers and babies in Budar, Nepal

In far western Nepal, the terrain makes travel difficult and people have little access to health care facilities.