CARE's impact

Climate change: Will political leaders stand up on Earth Day?

CARE and WWF are calling for a Twin Track approach to tackle climate change and poverty together.

Philippines: How cash grants helped farmers recover from typhoon

Following a typhoon that devastated farmers' fields, CARE was part of a consortium giving cash grants to farmers to rebuild livelihoods.

A walk in the dry lands of Zimbabwe

CARE is using tried and tested methods, as well as the new world of technology, to help people in Zimbabwe deal with drought.

Typhoons in the Philippines: A journey to disaster resilience

Analita Garcela, a village leader in the Philippines, explains how CARE helped the village learn how to cope with typhoons.

The meaning of the phrase ‘Water is life’

CARE found a sustainable, long-term answer to the problem of providing clean water to villagers in rural Somaliland.

Refugee families: A labour of love

36-year-old Sana, a refugee living in Jordan, has no choice but to work long hours in a poorly paid job so she can provide for her family.

10 highlights of the year

What are CARE's highlights of the year? None of it would have been possible without your support...

CARE Then and Now: Giving the gift of warmth

Angelo Sakondo, who now works for CARE in South Sudan, remembers the CARE package his family received after war came to his village.