Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in taking part in Walk In Her Shoes but have questions before taking your first step?

This handy collection of frequently asked questions should help. If you have a question that we haven’t answered here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


How do I take part?

Taking part in Walk In Her Shoes is super easy. Here's five simple steps to taking part:

  1. You can take part at any time of year. Choose when you'll walk, and invite your friends to join you!
  2. Complete your registration form, and email to
  3. Set up your JustGiving page and check out these handy tips for gaining sponsorship.
  4. Walk 10k steps a day on week of your choice and raise your £100 sponsorship.

How far is 10k steps?

10k steps is about 8 km or 5 miles. The NHS says that walking this amount each day will significantly improve your health. Most people should have no problem walking 10k steps a day, but it may require some planning. If you already walk a lot, why not choose a greater number of steps for a bigger challenge? Either way, see our walking tips for some great ways to reach your target.

What if I can’t walk 10k steps per day?

Don't worry! 10k steps is only a suggestion, as this is roughly the distance that women and girls in developing countries walk each day to collect water. If you feel this distance is too challenging, then simply choose a distance that you're more comfortable with. 

How do I keep track of how many steps I’ve walked?

There are many great pedometer apps for Android and iPhone, some phones even have built-in pedometers! 

How will I manage to walk 10k steps a day?

Most people should have no problem walking 10k steps a day, but it may require some planning. The easiest way is to fit it into your daily life, such as walking to work instead of catching the bus, taking the stairs instead of the lift, or walking your friend’s dog. Have a look at our walking tips for tips on how to achieve your steps.

When do registrations close?

Registrations for Walk In Her Shoes are open all year, and you can take on the challenge whenever you like.


How much money do I have to raise to take part?

We ask each participant to aim to raise £100.

If you can raise more, that’s fantastic! Your fundraising could allow CARE to support one family in the construction of a water point in their community, relieving women and girls of their daily walk for water, and giving the gift of time for work or school. 

Check out our fundraising ideas for more inspiration and ideas to get you started.

Is Gift Aid included in my fundraising target?

Gift aid is a scheme designed by the government as a great bonus for charities where it can be claimed, but it also not guaranteed, therefore Gift Aid is not included in the minimum sponsorship for any CARE fundraising event.

Is there a registration fee to take part?

There is no registration fee! 

I've never fundraised before. How can I raise money?

The easiest way to raise your £100 is to gain sponsorship from your friends, family and colleagues for the 10,000 step challenge. The best way to get started is to spread the word online - after you've set up your JustGiving page, share your link with everyone you know by email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and whatever other social media platforms take your fancy!

Let your supporters know why taking part is important to you and why you'd like them to donate. You can also share some of our great fundraising resources on social media as well.

What fundraising resources are available?

 We've put together a list of helpful fundraising ideas so you can smash your target. We have some great fundraising resources to share online, and if there's anything else you need help with, you can always contact the Walk In Her Shoes team by email as well!

How can I pay in the funds I raise?

We recommend fundraising as much as possible through JustGiving, because everything you raise will automatically be transferred to CARE, which means you don't have to do a thing! JustGiving will also be able to claim Gift Aid for us on all donations that are eligible. 

If you would like to raise funds the traditional way by collecting cash donations, there are a few things you can do to pay in the funds:

  1. Pay in your funds straight onto your JustGiving page as a donation.
  2. Pay in your funds over the phone with a debit or credit card by calling us on 020 7091 6100.
  3. Make a direct transfer to CARE - please contact us by email and we can provide you with the details.
  4. Send a cheque made payable to CARE International UK. Please enclose a note with your name, contact details, and referencing Walk In Her Shoes. Cheques can be sent to us at: Walk In Her Shoes, CARE International UK, 89 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7TP.

I don't want to take part, but I would like to donate. How do I do this?

Even if you don't feel you can take part in Walk In Her Shoes, we would be very grateful for your support. The best way to make a donation is over the phone with a debit or credit card by calling us on 020 7091 6100. Alternatively, you can send us a cheque made payable to CARE International UK. Please enclose a note with your name, contact details, and referencing Walk In Her Shoes. Cheques can be sent to us at: Walk In Her Shoes, CARE International UK, 89 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7TP.

How will the money I raise help?

Many women and girls in developing countries have to walk miles every day to fetch water for their families. These gruelling daily treks mean they may not have time to reach their full potential in life.

The money you raise can allow CARE to work with local communities in the poorest countries to build clean and safe water sources closer to home, like wells, boreholes and standing taps. This will not only provide poor communities with clean water that is safe to drink, but will also relieve women and girls of their daily trek for water, and allow them time for work or school. With an education or time to earn an income, they have a chance to fulfil their potential and step out of poverty.

Read more about how your support can make a difference.


Who can take part?

Walk In Her Shoes is open to all ages and abilities. However, please check with your doctor prior to the walk if you have any medical conditions that would endanger you when taking part. 

If you're under 18 and would like to take part, we would recommend registering to take part with a parent or guardian as well. 

Can I register as part of a larger group?

The bigger the group, the bigger the difference we can make together! Everybody is welcome in taking part in Walk In Her Shoes, from church groups to Rotary Clubs, Girl Guides to companies, etc. Each member of your group needs to sign up online individually and mention the name of your group in the registration form.

If you are a teacher and you'd like to get your school involved, visit our fundraise with your school page.

When do I get my finishers t-shirt?

Once you have completed your 10,000 steps for a week and raised £100, we will send you a limited edition Walk In Her Shoes t-shirt! 

Please note, due to COVID-19, there may be a slight delay in recieving your t-shirt. 

What if my T-shirt doesn't fit?

If your T-shirt arrives and doesn't fit correctly, please feel free to contact the Walk In Her Shoes team to arrange a replacement on 020 7091 6100 or by email. Please let us know what size would be better suited, and we'll happily send a new one. We ask that you send the unsuitable T-shirt back to us. This means that we can send the T-shirt to another participant, saving CARE money, and making Walk In Her Shoes have more impact.

What if I live outside the UK?

Walk In Her Shoes is a global movement, and you can currently take part with the following countries:

How will CARE use my information?

CARE International UK would like to contact you about all aspects of the work we do. We will not sell or pass on your details to any third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information. By giving us your phone number you have agreed we can contact you by phone. If you would like to opt out of these communications at any time, please contact our Supporter Care team at