South Sudan is a five-year-old girl

Zeieya was born just before Independence Day in South Sudan in July 2011. What is her life like now?

Providing care in a food crisis

The El Nino weather phenomenon has caused extreme drought in Ethiopia — meaning millions now depend on emergency food aid just to survive.


Thousands of refugee families are in desperate need right now. You could help send a CARE package today.

Every child deserves safe water

Help provide children like Celine with access to safe water so they can grow up to fulfil their potential.

Recommend a friend

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When people need help, CARE is there

A young girl in YemenFind out more

South Sudan: Scarred by conflict

Chianyal and her sister NyanenRead more

What will I do for the children?

Rose Katandika in her maize fieldRead more
About CARE

Founded in 1945 to send 'CARE packages' to people recovering from war, we have been fighting poverty in the world’s poorest countries for 70 years.

CARE's reach

We work in 79 developing countries, saving lives in emergencies and finding long-term solutions to poverty for millions of people every year.

Our mission

We empower women and girls to fulfil their potential – because when one woman is helped out of poverty, she brings her family and community with her.

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Your support is what makes our poverty-fighting work possible. You can trust us to spend our funds wisely and effectively to help people in need.