Why I work for CARE

Paul-André Wilton, Conflict Policy Advisor, delivering a workshop on conflict and land dispute resolution for staff of CARE and our partner organisations in Cote d’Ivoire

Paul-André Wilton, Conflict Policy Advisor

A key part of my job is to be the voice in London for CARE teams in conflict-affected countries around the world, but particularly the DRC, South Sudan and Somalia. From them I hear what the challenges are facing our efforts to support the poorest or must vulnerable, and in turn try to figure out what the UK government can do to improve things. At the same time, I work with our staff in each country, building their own campaigns to get their national governments to pass reforms and change the lives of millions.

I love the mix of disciplines and expertise in an organisation like CARE. Discussions can cover issues as diverse as access to safe water, having enough to eat, being safe from sexual violence, having a voice in peace negotiations or getting access to credit to start a business. I am kept on my toes by the passion and intelligence of those I work with, both here and overseas, and try to never lose sight of the people I’m ultimately trying to help many thousands of miles away.

Watch this short video made by PA on a trip to Cote d’Ivoire:

Gashaw Gessesse, IT Support Engineer

What I like most about my job is CARE’s mission – fighting poverty and injustice. As an IT support staff, I feel positive about my contribution to CARE’s work. I am part of changing people’s lives for the better.

I like the fact that CARE focuses on results – getting the work done. The management style lets me do my job. I also like the sense of family around my workplace. The people at CARE are positive, helpful, friendly and yet professional.

Shabby Amini, Head of Direct Marketing

Varied, exciting and innovative. There are so many words I could choose to describe working at CARE but these are the ones that immediately spring to mind. Not one day is the same as the next. One day I could be looking at long-term plans of how we will ensure CARE International UK remains relevant for our supporters; the next day, I could be supporting new offices with their marketing plans or launching an emergency appeal to help survivors of a natural disaster or conflict. Knowing that my role is important in saving lives and helping families who need our support is something which keeps me motivated.

CARE does great work on the ground. It’s enough to know I am contributing to a better world – and doing so with an organisation which commits itself to developing staff and providing opportunities is a real bonus. Join the CARE global family, you will feel rewarded and valued.

Daniel Hickin, Finance and Data Administrator, Contract Management Team

As the Finance and Data Administrator, my role is to support the work of the Contract Management Team. Seen as the link between our Programme and Finance teams, Contract Management is central to administering new proposals and managing ongoing contracts. My job requires having an overview of the submissions and contracts the team are working on, incorporating data management, financial administration and compliance monitoring. In addition to working within a great team, my role requires interaction with all of our Programme and Finance colleagues, giving me a greater insight into the workings of the organisation.

I take great pride in the knowledge that the data I produce is being discussed and contributing to the greater understanding of our portfolio across the organisation. It is through the monitoring, review and analysis of this data that the organisation can assess its current position, while also looking to the future and improving upon the great work we currently do.

Muhamed Bizimana, Governance Advisor for Africa

Working for CARE International UK as a technical advisor is for me a huge intellectual challenge yet also a privilege – I’m constantly being challenged to think and act innovatively to contribute to programming solutions that empower people to live a life of dignity and fulfilment.