Bringing peace to South Sudan: Listen to the people

“The leaders of our country can learn a lot from us. Bring them here – we can teach them how to make peace.”

CARE information volunteers help tackle child marriage

Information Volunteers in Turkey are raising awareness about the dangers of child marriage among the Syrian refugee community.

CARE Then and Now: Wonderful cake with fruit on top

We did not know there were such things – but how delicious it was!

Refugees - the truth is they are just like you and me

The staggering number of Syrian refugees risks becoming meaningless, unless we focus on the faces and stories behind them.

CARE Then and Now: The cornflakes smelled like magic!

Joseph Briddock remembers living in London during the war - and receiving CARE packages “from strangers across the ocean”.

Nepal: The loss of much more than just a home

Earthquakes, perhaps more than any other type of disaster, are a shelter disaster.

CARE Then and Now: A parcel and a penfriend

Elizabeth Coughlin remembers a parcel with tea, sugar, rice, tins of food and cellotape “which we had never seen before”.

Yemen: Fleeing one war to die in another

Syrian refugees who sought security in Yemen find themselves in danger once again - with no prospect of escape.