Children working: The only option for some refugee families

If refugees are not allowed to work, and are not given enough to survive on, what choice do they have but to seek alternatives?

Child marriage in emergencies: A fatal mistake

Child marriage among the Syrian refugee community is seen as a way to ‘protect our girls’ - but it actually puts girls in danger.

Refugee families: A labour of love

36-year-old Sana, a refugee living in Jordan, works illegally in a poorly paid job so she can provide for her family.

Syrian refugees in Jordan: Living in limbo

With no end in sight to the conflict, Syrian refugees in Jordan want to be able to earn a living so they can live more normal lives.

Yemen emergency: Finding water amidst the conflict

Nearly a year of intense conflict and bombing has destroyed water facilities across Yemen, making it even harder for ordinary people to get enough water each day.

What do refugees want from the London Conference on Syria?

We asked Syrian refugees in Jordan and Turkey what messages they have for the London Conference on Syria on 4 February.

Yemen emergency: A daily struggle for survival

Nama’a and her children are among 2.5 million people displaced from their homes by the conflict in Yemen.

Yemen – The crisis the world forgot

The number of people in Yemen facing severe food and water shortages is shocking – we must not turn our backs on them.