4 ways to stop violence against women

To mark 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, here’s four ways that CARE is working to end gender-based violence.

El Niño: “Everything has changed”

The weather phenomenon known as El Nino has led to drought and food shortages across the world, including in Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea.

Peru: Real solutions to tough problems

CARE’s work in Peru gives a great insight into the variety of ways CARE is empowering women, girls and poor communities to fight poverty.

Nepal’s earthquake babies

Childbirth is never an easy thing, especially in the aftermath of an earthquake that has destroyed your home, livelihood and health facilities.

South Sudan: Malnutrition crisis in Mayom county

One in three children in Mayom county is acutely malnourished as the ongoing conflict prevents people from planting crops.

CARE Then and Now: Remembering ‘the forgotten generation’

David Anstis, one of the original UK recipients of CARE packages, compares 'the forgotten generation' of post-WW2 children with the plight of children living through conflict today.

The Balkans crisis: A human story

Refugees crossing to Europe are hoping for a better life – because the life they have fled from offers nothing but fear and conflict, says CARE’s Iljitsj Wemerman.

We don’t want resettlement, we want to go home

A Syrian refugee family describe the danger and chaos they fled from in Syria, and the hardship of life as a refugee in Jordan.