Save Syria’s ceasefire: We cannot stand by

CARE has joined more than 80 other organisations in condemning the breach of the Syrian ceasefire.

Refugee crisis: All the normal assumptions have been thrown out of the window

Tessa Gough, Emergency Response Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) specialist was recently in Serbia coordinating CARE’s WASH response for refugees and migrants crossing through on their way to Europe.

Ecuador earthquake: CARE's emergency response

CARE staff are conducting assessments of people's needs and preparing emergency supplies for distribution.

Ecuador earthquake: People face long road to recovery

People in Ecuador are sleeping in makeshift shelters as they come to terms with the devastation and loss caused by the earthquake.

A debt of gratitude: Remembering Hillsborough

Paul-André Wilton describes how the legacy of the Hillsborough disaster set him off on a career in development and social justice.

The EU and refugees: Looking the other way

Fundamentally this ‘refugee crisis’ is a crisis of humanity, and a test of the values Europe stands for.

Nepal earthquake: One family's story in pictures

Sunita, Uttam and their family have benefited from a wide range of support from CARE after the earthquake completely destroyed their village.

Nepal earthquake: Tackling violence gives hope to families

Counselling on gender-based violence has helped Kami Granden and her husband create a safer home for their children.