The hopes and fears of a Syrian refugee

CARE interviews a refugee on the Serbian/Hungarian border about his journey from Syria to Europe.

Europe must rethink its response to the refugee crisis

Global leaders must take seriously the need to stop indiscriminate attacks on civilians inside Syria.

Syria: the refugee crisis on the Serbia, Hungary and Croatia borders

Making the SDGs work for women and poor people

World leaders are meeting at the United Nations to agree the new Sustainable Development Goals – so what are they, and what does CARE think of them?

“It was a red letter day when packages arrived”

Gillian Roberts remembers receiving CARE packages “full of fantastic surprises” delivered by the firm of Carter Paterson & Pickfords.

Syrian refugee crisis: Suffering on the Serbia-Hungary border

Laura Gilmour reports on the desperate scenes at the Serbian/Hungarian border where CARE is distributing emergency supplies to Syrian refugees.

“It would be more dangerous to stay in Syria”

Rami, 17, a Syrian refugee, describes why he is fleeing from war in Syria and risking all to cross Europe in search of a new start in life.

CARE packages: “The thrill of these parcels arriving”

Receiving CARE packages after World War 2, when rationing was still part of everyday life, “is a lasting memory for me to this day,” says Rosemary Iszatt.