“It was just lovely to receive the CARE packages”

Mrs Hilton, now aged 78 and living in Norfolk, remembers receiving CARE packages as a child in Germany after World War 2.

CARE packages: Christmas parcels at a time of rationing

David Anstis remembers receiving CARE packages at Christmas at a time when rationing still existed.

CARE Then and Now: “Boxes of goodies”

Jim Marshall remembers the CARE packages he received as a teenager during the war – and he still has an unopened tin of butter from a CARE package!

South Sudan: The long walk through Guit

CARE's James Terjanian describes his incredible journey to vaccinate children in some of South Sudan's most remote areas.

Sleepless nights in Yemen

CARE's Country Director Daw Mohammed returns to war-torn Yemen: "My heart is heavy and burdened..."

CARE Then and Now: The generosity of strangers

Hugh and Tim Thomas received CARE packages - and their grandmother became one of the local organisers making sure "that the needy were in receipt of the wonderful food parcels".

CARE Then and Now: “My mother wept with joy”

Isabelle Robinson’s family received several CARE packages containing food, sweets and treats.

CARE packages: “What a wonderful surprise it was”

Rose McGowan received CARE packages at a time of hardship in Glasgow – she enjoyed the chocolates and sweets!