Then and Now: The box labelled with CARE

Pat Leslie remembers “the excitement of receiving the big brown cardboard box with the letters spelling CARE on the side”.

Nepal earthquake: Planting the seeds of hope

CARE food security advisors are helping people replant their crops after the devastating earthquakes.

Child marriage: “She is 13 but we had to marry her”

CARE’s Lejla Sunagic describes how meeting a child bride opened her eyes to the reality of child marriage.

CARE Then and Now: “Memories from all those years ago”

Janet Stevenson recalls a life-long friendship that started with a CARE package.

South Sudan at 4: Where will this fighting lead us?

A better life, better health services, better education for our children – have all those hopes gone now?

Hoping for peace and a future for South Sudan

Hopes were high when South Sudan achieved independence – four years on, peace is essential for the people to find new hope.

CARE Then and Now: Some very happy memories

Edna Hughes recalls “some very happy memories for me at times of real stress!”

South Sudan: Women are the voice of peace

Women and children in South Sudan are bearing the brunt of the ongoing conflict – and they are the ones leading the calls for peace.