South Sudan: “Who will treat us when you leave?”

As conflict flares again in South Sudan, CARE’s health and nutrition support has never been more vital.

El Nino: The worst is yet to come

For many El Niño is an abstract term, but for 40 million people in Southern Africa this weather phenomenon has very real ramifications: the worst drought in 35 years.

South Sudan at 5 years old: Young lives scarred by conflict

As fighting breaks out again in South Sudan, what is life like for girls like Chianyal and Nyasunday, forced from their homes by violence and now living in a UN-protected camp?

When you are as young as your country

Every day for Nyahok and South Sudan is a struggle to survive. Is that what life should be like for a 5-year-old?

South Sudan is a five-year-old girl

Zeieya was born just before Independence Day in South Sudan on 9 July 2011. What is her life like now, five years after independence?

Syria crisis: One neighbourhood – stronger together

Read how Taghreed, from Syria, has been welcomed by Hanaa in Lebanon, despite the tensions created by the refugee crisis.

El Nino in Ethiopia: Providing care in a food crisis

CARE is providing food and nutrition support to young mothers, children and families in drought-hit Ethiopia.

El Nino in Malawi: Living off food aid

The drought in Malawi means 75-year old Esther Peter relies on aid agencies like CARE for food to feed her three orphaned grandchildren.