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What we do

Learn about our work in disaster relief

Disaster relief

We fight poverty long term worldwide, so when disasters strike we are often among the first on the scene, staying long after cameras leave. Learn about our response to emergencies caused by natural disasters and conflict.

Companies play a huge part in shaping the future of millions of people - Find out how we work with them

Working with business

Companies play a huge part in shaping the future of millions of people - find out how we work with them.

Learn how we tackle poverty in urban areas


All people have a right to participate in decisions that affect their lives. Poor people are often not heard by decision makers, or don’t know how to participate. Our work in governance is about changing that.

Find out how we help people during times of war and conflict

War, conflict and peacebuilding

Find out about our work in post conflict peacebuilding, and how we help people during times of war, such as working to prevent sexual and gender based violence.

Hunger and poverty around the world

Hunger and poverty

Around the world, poverty often means chronic food insecurity and hunger. Find out more about how we help people develop long term solutions and become more resilient in the face of droughts and other crisis.

Learn about our work in microfinance initiatives


Poor people often lack access to basic financial services. With partners, we offer small loans to start or grow businesses. Microinsurance and savings schemes can help poor people, especially women, to become more resilient.

A woman pumps water from a well during a sandstorm in Sudan

Climate change

The impacts global climate change has on the unpredictability of weather and increase in drought are already affecting many people we work with. Find out more about CARE’s focus on helping poor communities adapt to changes in their environment.

A mother and child after the quake in Haiti


Shelter is never more important than in times of crisis. A house can be any family’s largest asset, especially for those who are poor and vulnerable.

We believe education is key in the fight against poverty


Education is a powerful tool in fighting poverty. When children get an education they are healthier and have greater earning potential later on. Nearly two thirds of children not attending school are girls. Find out how we help girls stay at school.

Learn how we work to bring medicine to the people who need it most

Medicine and health

Find out more about CARE’s work on health. We particularly focus on mothers and children, who often are the most vulnerable to disease and malnutrition.

We are working to help educate and prevent the further spread of HIV and AIDS


In many parts of the world people living with HIV still find it difficult to access treatment. CARE works to identify obstacles and make sure HIV positive people have access to medical care. We raise awareness and help prevent transmission of HIV.

Find out how we are working to bring fresh water to the worlds poorest people

Water and sanitation

Clean, safe water is essential for health and to avoid water bourne diseases. Find out more about how CARE works to raise awareness of good hygiene practices and increase access to safe water.


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