Mozambique emergency: “I am very grateful to CARE”

Luisa Joao with emergency supplies provided by CARE following Cyclone Dineo

After Cyclone Dineo hit her village in the district of Massinga on the coast of Mozambique, Luisa Joao (above) and her two young sons were left homeless and without food. CARE is helping Luisa and her family by providing them with a tent, a mosquito net, and other household items. Luisa said:

After the cyclone, we were homeless but with this help from CARE I will be able to begin to re-establish a home for my family.

Veronica with emergency supplies provided by CARE

Veronica Zangueu (above) is 13 years old. Since Cyclone Dineo hit her village, Veronica and her family have been sleeping under a tree. Not only did the cyclone destroy her home, it also destroyed her school. CARE is helping Veronica and her family by providing them with emergency household items including a tarpaulin, a blanket, a bucket, ground sheets and a mosquito net. Veronica said:

Now we have materials to help us deal with our problems, and re-begin our life. I am very grateful to CARE for helping us.

CARE staff distributing emergency kits in Mozambique
CARE staff distributing emergency kits in the district of Massinga, Mozambique

Cyclone Dineo tore through coastal areas of Mozambique destroying houses, schools, health centres and other infrastructure. The cyclone also demolished crops of maize and ground nuts, the first harvest after a prolonged drought. CARE is working with the government to assist communities by providing emergency household items such as a tarpaulin, blankets, buckets, ground sheets and mosquito nets.

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