Women leading change in times of crisis

Our Strategy 2023-2026

Women leading change in times of crisis

Women and girls are most affected in times of crisis.

But their voices are least likely to be heard.

Yet women and girls have the power, expertise, resilience, and ability to adopt and lead the solutions their communities so desperately need. CARE knows that when supported to lead, women take collective action to address injustice and community tensions, solve problems, deliver services, and influence improved humanitarian responses. That’s why women’s leadership is at the heart of CARE International UK’s new three-year Strategy.

We will work with women who are most impacted by humanitarian and climate issues, who have historically had the least say in decision-making. We will support them with the tools, funding and resources they need to become the driving force for change in their communities and countries.

We recognise that too much of our perspective in the past has been rooted in colonial power structures and unequal power dynamics. With this Strategy, we will intentionally move power back where it belongs – into the hands of communities affected by crisis.

And we will urge our peers, supporters, and donors to join us, building momentum behind a powerful movement led by communities across the world.

From 2023-2026, we will:

  • Support women to lead on the frontlines of crisis
  • Build equitable, sustainable partnerships with local organisations to deliver more impact for people facing poverty and crisis
  • Raise our profile and influence for change in the UK
  • Contribute to CARE’s work in over 100 countries to save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice
  • Increase the diversity and sustainability of our income
  • Become an anti-racist, feminist, diverse and inclusive organisation
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