Women's economic justice

We help women get the tools and resources they need to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Woman sewing in South Sudan

Our goal: By 2030, CARE International will support 50 million women to have more equitable access to, and control over, economic resources and opportunities.

Across the world women are discriminated against and excluded from economic systems. Working conditions for women are frequently much worse than for men. They are likely to earn less and experience exploitative and unequal working conditions. Women are also less likely to have a bank account than men. This has an impact on their ability to save for the future or invest in businesses.

What is CARE International doing to advance women’s economic justice?

When women earn, everyone benefits. Families are lifted out of poverty and women are empowered to take control of their lives.

CARE supports economically marginalised women to access financial services, participate in dignified work, and thrive as entrepreneurs and small-scale producers. This includes women living in fragile or conflict-affected contexts, and those who have been displaced.

We promote women’s knowledge, skills and capabilities to realise their economic potential. We also support women’s collectives – such as Village Savings and Loan Associations – and women’s rights organisations.

Through our advocacy work, we promote equitable gender and social norms, and influence harmful and discriminatory laws, policies and practices, so that women gain access to markets, high quality employment opportunities, and financial services.

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