Gender equality

We put gender at the centre of all that we do.

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Our goal: By 2030 CARE International will support 50 million people to experience greater gender equality in their lives.

In all that we do

We put women and girls at the heart of our work.

Gender equality is CARE’s central organising principle. We cannot achieve women’s economic justice, climate justice, health equity, the right to food, water, and nutrition, or equal access to humanitarian assistance without addressing gender inequality.

Gender remains one of the most fundamental sources of inequality in the world today. Across nearly every country, women earn a fraction of men’s incomes, and trans/non-binary people are disproportionately impacted by poverty and denial of fundamental rights.

Globally, around one in three women has experienced physical and/or sexual violence, most often at the hands of an intimate partner. Gender-based discrimination fuels food insecurity, safety risks, and exclusion from life-saving services and opportunities. More than 60% of the world’s hungry are women and girls, but women and girls disproportionately bear the burden of meeting their families’ food and care needs.

Action on gender equality

We are engaging with key decision makers to advocate for gender equality and women's and girls rights.

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As well as underpinning everything that we do, CARE’s gender equality work focuses on improving the rights of women, girls, and marginalised groups in three key areas:

Meet GenAdapt

We are raising the voices of the women and girls who are being forced to adapt to the reality of climate devastation.

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