Who we work with

We work with a wide range of local, national and international partners. We know that we will achieve far greater impact by working with others.

Distributing aid with partners

A community of changemakers

We work in partnership with local NGOs, community-based organisations and community groups. We provide information on the IATI website about partner organisations that we work with on programmes and projects funded or part-funded by the UK government. If you require information about the partners that we work with on a specific project or programme, please contact us.

We work with government ministries to implement projects and influence policies in favour of poor communities.

We work with a range of international, national and local organisations and groups on advocacy initiatives.

Our Business with CARE team works in partnership with private sector companies when we believe that the partnership will lead to positive outcomes for poor and marginalised people and is in line with our values.

We are very grateful to all of our funding partners, without whom our work would not be possible.

UK aid

The UK government is the biggest single funder of CARE International UK’s work. For a full list of funders and details of projects funded by UK aid, please see our latest annual report.


Postcode International Trust

Since 2018, the players of People’s Postcode Lottery through Postcode International Trust have been supporting the work of CARE International UK in over 100 countries to tackle poverty and achieve social justice, raising £4.3 million for us to date.