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All people have a right to influence the public, political and economic decisions which impact their lives.

When women’s voices are not heard, women’s rights and needs are often not adequately met, and this reinforces gender inequality.

But when women have equal voice, leadership and participation this challenges and transforms the root causes of poverty and injustice.

What is CARE International doing to strengthen women’s voice and leadership?

CARE advocates for the equal voice and leadership of women and girls in all areas of life – whether this means having an equal say in managing household finances or leading humanitarian decision making in refugee camps.

For example, CARE’s Women Lead in Emergencies approach supports women living in crisis settings – including refugee camps – to build their confidence to participate in, and influence, decision-making. Many women have gone on to enact major changes for themselves and their communities.

Access to clean water was an ongoing issue for the community of Tam in Niger, but it was only when participants from CARE’s Women Lead in Emergencies project went to the authorities that action was taken. Now, because of their leadership and determination, over a thousand people have access to safe, clean drinking water.

The water point in the camp is the result of a fight that the women had led and that [the men] were not able to lead. The women are proud that they were able to succeed at something that meant so much, not just to their group, but to their whole community."

Chief of Camp, Tam, Niger

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