India COVID crisis

A woman in Bihar, India, wearing a mask and PPE
A healthcare worker in Bihar, India

A second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is sweeping across India, with a devastating impact on people’s lives.

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Hospitals are overwhelmed and are running out of oxygen, intensive care units are almost completely full, and people are being turned away from emergency rooms due to a lack of beds. With healthcare systems under enormous strain, a huge humanitarian crisis is unfolding.

Since late March 2021, India has experienced a relentless onslaught of increasing COVID-19 cases and fatalities. As of 26 April, there are nearly 3 million active cases, with a daily infection rate of 350,000 new cases which is likely to increase to 600,000 infections per day before the current wave peaks.

Even cities like Patna, Mumbai, Delhi, and Lucknow with well-established healthcare networks are under tremendous strain, leading to large numbers of patients not being able to access hospital beds when needed. There are shortages of medical oxygen, anti-virals and other drugs, while the current pace of vaccination is estimated to cover only 30% of the population by the end of 2021.

Together, we can help stop a COVID-19 catastrophe – but we need to act fast.

Our incredibly dedicated team in India is already working around the clock with local authorities to support the COVID response by:

  • setting up temporary COVID hospitals and COVID Care Centres which will facilitate availability of hospital beds, medical oxygen, medical staff, drugs, PPE kits and more
  • ramping up the COVID-19 vaccination drive by addressing vaccine hesitancy and supporting government vaccination systems
  • supporting communities in adopting COVID-safe behaviour
  • addressing the immediate relief needs of migrant labourers and families caused by breakdown of livelihoods due to the crisis.

Without help from the international community, the situation in India will get much worse and more lives will be at risk. CARE has worked in India for over 70 years so we’re well placed to respond on the ground today, but we need your help to keep providing life-saving support. Please donate today and help save lives in India.

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