Face to face fundraising

Frequently asked questions about CARE International UK's face to face fundraising activities.

Why does CARE run face to face fundraising?

Face to face fundraising is an effective way of us securing the donations we need to fund poverty-fighting projects. We ask supporters to sign up to a direct debit, a convenient method of donating which provides a predictable long-term income we can rely on.

Our fundraisers help raise awareness about the way we react during times of humanitarian crises as well as our longer-term work to tackle poverty and social injustice across the globe.

Where is CARE fundraising this week?

Private site fundraisers

Our private site fundraisers speak to members of the public about CARE’s work in private sites, such as shopping centres and train stations. They encourage people to sign up to make a regular donation to CARE.

These are no private site locations where our fundraisers will be operating this week.

Postcode Site Name

Door-to-door fundraisers

Our door-to-door fundraisers knock on doors around the country to speak to people about making a regular gift to support out poverty-fighting and life-saving work.

These are the door to door locations where our fundraisers will be operating the week beginning 04/12/2023, excluding Christmas holidays:

Postcode Site Name
BA1 1-BA1 9, BA2 0-BA2 9, BS31 1-BS40 8 Bath and North East Somerset Council
GU47 0-GU47 9, RG12 0-RG12 9, RG42 1-RG45 7, SL5 8 Bracknell Forest Borough Council
HR1 1-HR9 7, SY8 4, WR13 5 Herefordshire Council
NP7 0-NP7 9, NP15 1-NP16 6, NP25 3-NP26 4 Monmouthshire Council
TA5 1-TA9 4, BS26 2-BS28 4 Sedgemoor Council
HP10 0-HP27 9, RG9 6, SL7 1-SL8 5 Wycombe District Council
BD11 1, LS1 2-LS1 7, LS2 3-LS2 9,LS 3 1 - LS9 9, LS10 1-LS19 7, LS20 8-LS28 9, WF3 1-WF3 3, WF10 2 Leeds City Council
WF1 1-WF1 5, WF2 0-WF9 5, WF10 1-WF11 8 Wakefield City Met. District Council
L1 0-L 19 9 , L2 0-L2 9, L3 0-L9 9, L24 0-L28 8 Liverpool City Council
L10 0-L10 4, L14 6-L16 2, L25 9-L36 9, WA8 5 Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council
BB1 1-BB1 9, BB2 1-BB3 3, BL7 0-BL7 8 Blackburn Borough Council
BL1 1-BL1 8, BL2 1-BL2 6, BL3 1-BL7 9 Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council
L40 2-L40 3, PR5 8-PR7 6, PR25 5-PR26 9 Chorley Borough Council
BD20 7-BD20 8, BD23 1-BD24 9, LA2 7-LA6 3 Craven District Council
LA1 1-LA1 5, LA2 0-LA2 9, LA3 1-LA5 9 Lancaster City Council
M1 1-M1 7, M2 1-M2 7, M3 1-M4 9, M8 0-M9 8, M11 1-M19 3, M20 1-M23 9, M40 0-M40 9, M90 1-M90 5 Manchester City Council
SY10 7-SY11 4 Oswestry Council
PR1 1-PR4 0 Preston Borough Council
TS13 5, YO11 1-YO22 5 Scarborough Borough Council

How will I know they are a genuine CARE fundraiser?

We work with professional agency Appco to help us coordinate and carry out our campaigns. Their team will always follow the Fundraising Code that governs private site fundraising and Fundraising Code that governs door to door fundraising.

A genuine CARE International fundraiser will always:

  • Have an ID badge, their name and photo, reference number and our registered charity number
  • Carry CARE International materials including a welcome pack, and thank you for listening card with our Supporter Care phone number
  • Wear CARE branded clothing such as jackets in colder weather and t-shirts when it is warmer
  • Only ever request a direct debit donation; our fundraisers will not ask for, and cannot accept, cash
  • Use an electronic tablet device and will never ask a member of the public to write any details on a paper form

How do you make sure your fundraising is safe, ethical and doesn’t target those in vulnerable circumstances?

Face to face fundraising is subject to the Code of Fundraising Practice established by the Fundraising Regulator, an independent regulator and the governing body for fundraising in the charity sector.

The Scottish Fundraising Adjudication Panel is responsible for ensuring charities registered in Scotland are following the Code of Fundraising Practice and works with charities to minimise complaints and ensure high standards of fundraising are adhered to.

In addition, we provide in-depth training to all our fundraisers to ensure they work to the highest standards and safely interact with members of the public.

How old do I need to be to sign-up to a direct debit?

You must be 18 years old or older to sign up.

If you need to contact us about our representatives

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your feedback and will respond as quickly as possible.

Our Supporter Care team can be reached on supportercare@careinternational.org, or 020 7091 6000, or via live chat on our website. Our working hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Outside of working hours, you can contact the Appco Helpline on 0800 031 9811, Mon-Fri 5pm – 9pm and Sat 12pm – 3pm.