CARE endorses Global Call to Action in the Garment Industry to protect workers’ income, health and employment during the COVID-19 pandemic

CARE International has endorsed the COVID19 Call to Action in the Global Garment Industry, which aims to generate action by all stakeholders in the global garment industry to protect the income, health and employment of workers during the COVID19 pandemic. 

The Call to Action was negotiated by the International Organization of Employers (IOE), International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and IndustriALL Global Union with technical support from the International Labour Organization (ILO).  CARE is proud to join a growing number of brands and retailers, employers’ associations, trade unions, multi-stakeholder initiatives and civil society organisations in endorsing the Call to Action.

The Call to Action sets out 5 priorities for all stakeholders.  It calls on:

  • Governments and international institutions to accelerate the provision of various forms of financial support to protect the jobs and incomes of workers and the ongoing viability of employer businesses
  • Brands and retailers to pay for existing orders and maintain open communication with suppliers about business operations and future plans – a key advocacy ask of worker and civil society organisations including CARE
  • All stakeholders to support the strengthening of social protection systems and services, in order to build a more just, resilient and sustainable industry.

CARE commits to playing our part in delivering on these priorities.  We:

  • Call on all brands and retailers to endorse the call to action and commit to paying for existing orders
  • Support the immediate needs of workers and their families as part of our ongoing, emergency response to the COVID19 pandemic.  This includes activities to support workers’ health through promoting preventative behaviours and enabling access to health services, mitigate the increased risks faced by women during the pandemic – including risks related to gender-based violence and sexual and reproductive health – and meet workers’  immediate economic needs through short-term cash transfers and cash for work schemes.
  • Contribute to global efforts to define and deliver a ‘just recovery’ in the garment industry, including through adapting and developing programming approaches and tools which directly respond to the medium-long term impacts of the pandemic.  In line with our global strategy and values, CARE will promote a vision for a Just Recovery in the garment industry which has the rights of women and girls at its core alongside decent work and a Just Transition to a zero-carbon economy. 

Notes to editors:

CARE has been working with garment workers and factories for over 20 years, most recently through our Made by Women strategy, and is focussing on protecting and supporting the rights and needs of women and girls during the pandemic.  We are supporting women workers to adopt COVID-19 prevention strategies, access support services – including health, psycho-social, sexual health and GBV services – and receive vital financial support. 

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