CARE’s work in Haiti

CARE has worked since 1954 in Haiti, a country that is particularly prone to natural and man-made disasters. Its long history of political turmoil, under-investment in social services and lack of urban planning has resulted in extreme poverty, high urban migration and densely populated slums – factors which combined together to make the 2010 earthquake so devastating. CARE is supporting long-term recovery following the earthquake by building local capacity so communities can organise themselves to participate in reconstruction and to tackle social exclusion, lack of economic opportunities and lack of access to quality education.

CARE's impact

We work in 104 countries around the world, saving lives in emergencies and finding long-term solutions to poverty for millions of people every year.

About CARE

Founded in 1945 to send 'CARE packages' to people recovering from war, we have been fighting poverty in the world’s poorest countries for 75 years.

Our aims

We empower women and girls to fulfil their potential – because when one woman is helped out of poverty, she brings her family and community with her.

Your support

Your support is what makes our poverty-fighting work possible. You can trust us to spend our funds wisely and effectively to help people in need.

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