Floating food

Farmed ducks swimming along a waterway in Bangladesh

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In Bangladesh, one of the biggest problems people face is increasingly frequent and severe flooding. This affects access to food and clean water, as well as people’s ability to earn a living.

CARE worked with community leaders to find solutions. Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best.

Raising poultry is a common livelihood strategy in the Hoar region of Bangladesh – especially for women. Unfortunately, chickens often drown during protracted floods; this can be a major blow to household economies.

In response, CARE and our local partners struck upon the idea of helping women in flood-prone areas switch from rearing chickens to ducks. Duck rearing is perfect for the climatic conditions of the Hoar region: ducks can survive the wet seasons and flooding, provide fat and protein-rich eggs and meat, and are also a good income source.

Women displaying baskets of duck eggs

Women displaying duck eggs collected from the ducks they are rearing