Fundraise at home

Ethiopia where CARE supports WASH and women's empowerment projects.

If you want to help CARE's poverty-fighting work while staying at home during the coronavirus, but need some fundraising inspiration, you've come to the right place!

We want to help you stay active and motivated while staying at home, and if you're able to raise some money along the way, then that's great:

1. Take inspiration from olympic medalist Paul Chelimo who has turned his bathtub into a treadmill! How many steps can you do a day — will your friends and family sponsor you to walk 10,000 steps a day?

2. Hold an online quiz! Get your family and friends together online, and ask each one to prepare a round for you all to enjoy and donate £2 per person for taking part. CARE staff held a quiz last week, which was great fun! 

3. Have a bake-off, then post your pictures online — best looking cake wins! Ask your friends and family to donate £1 to vote. If you need some recipe ideas check out Cakes4CARE, for two delicious recipes from CARE programme participants. 

4. If you're musically talented, why not hold an online gig? You could do a livestream, not only providing some entertainment for people staying at home, but could raise some money if you ask viewers to donate while playing. 

5. Or if you need a bit more inspiration, why not take a look at our virtual events page? You could be climbing Everest or hiking the Inca Trail all whilst at home! 

Just Giving is an easy online way to collect donations. Your fundraising will be sent through to us, which means one less task for you to do.

We'd love to see your innovative ways of fundraising at home, so remember to send us an email at

Keep up-to-date with how CARE is responding to the coronavirus on our website, and how your fundraising will provide life-saving support.