Fundraise with your community

Feel inspired by CARE’s work? Inspire the people around you!

Why not get together – whether it is with friends, a book group, women’s institute, Girl Guiding group, sports club, or any other community group – to raise awareness, have fun, and raise vital funds for CARE’s life-saving work around the world?

It’s always motivating to support and fundraise together in a group. A great way to do this is by signing up your group to take part in Walk In Her Shoes – you will all be walking 10k steps a day for a week in solidarity with women and girls who walk miles each day to collect clean water. To sign up, please register each member of your group individually here and we’ll help you get your fundraising started.

Get creative – we’re here to help!

You and your group can get creative with ideas and we will be here to assist with whatever we can! Here are a few other ideas to get inspired by:

  • Donate the collection from your church service
  • Charity lunch or dinner
  • Talent contest
  • Cake sale
  • Community treasure hunt
  • Christmas concert
  • Live for £2 a day for a week in solidarity with those living below the poverty line

Please get in touch to get your community group involved.