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Walk with women across the globe

#Walk4Women while you listen to our exclusive podcast, in solidarity with all women who are leading their communities through crisis. If that isn’t enough to get you off the sofa, we don’t know what will!

Take the podcast with you wherever you like to walk – on your own, or in a group with your workmates, friends or family. If you’re walking alone, please make sure you choose a safe route and go in daylight.

Don’t worry if walking isn’t your thing

#Walk4Women is for everyone! Anyone can take part, whether you’re walking, listening or both. Tune in at home, in the car, at the gym or wherever you happen to be on the day.

Why walk?

When many have given up hope of a better future, women step up to lead their communities out of crisis. Across the globe, millions of women are supporting those fleeing conflict, keeping their families safe in the face of famine and drought and delivering life-saving responses to the climate crisis.

Why are we walking? We’re walking for every single one of these brilliant women.

Join us and women like Halatu: Leading in a refugee crisis

Halatu fled violence in South Sudan, and now lives in a refugee settlement in northern Uganda. Despite her trauma, Halatu has found a sense of purpose as part of a women’s group within the camp.

When a woman is in leadership, it’s easier because they understand better the issues faced by other women and they can raise the issues directly.”

Halatu, South Sudan

Join us and women like Amal: leading in the wake of conflict

When Amal, from Syria, started working in the agricultural industry, people didn’t understand why a woman would work in the sector. Today, she’s running a successful business growing fruit and vegetables and employs several women from her community.

They told me I should stop doing what I do. They said ‘this is a man’s business’. But I didn’t stop. We need to be strong as a community, and a community consists of both men and women.”

Amal, Syria RS86176_A71I6440

Join us and women like Loise: leading in the face of the climate crisis

In the wake of Tropical Cyclone Harold, which caused widespread destruction in her home country of Vanuatu, Loise took part in CARE training on how to prepare for future disasters. She’s now an active and vocal leader in her community.

The confidence I have built has taught me to always believe in myself and overcome people’s negative opinions. From my point of view, women should be able to have a voice to speak in the community.”

Loise, Vanuatu

Everyone's invited!

This movement is about bringing together people of every gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, race, religion and country, to drive actions that will create the gender-equal world we all deserve.


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