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Munguci, midwife in Uganda tends to a newborn baby
Gift a life-saving kit today

Having a baby should be a joyous event, but for women who have fled the horror of war and poverty, it can be extremely traumatic and even life-threatening.

  • 120 seconds

    A woman dies every 120 seconds from a preventable cause related to pregnancy and childbirth

  • 95 %

    Almost 95% of all maternal deaths are in low and lower middle-income countries.

Every loss is a tragedy, but a simple kit could help save women and babies’ lives. A kit containing life-saving essentials such as baby clothes, sterile gloves or plastic sheeting would mean the world to a woman who has lost everything.

Please note these kits are representative of the work that your donations could help fund. Donations will be used wherever the need is greatest.

Joana’s story

“I’m eternally grateful to CARE for their support ambulance services here in Uganda, like the one that saved my life.” - Joana

Joana is a refugee from Sudan who was forced to flee from her home to Uganda because of the ongoing conflict. When she went into labour, she had to walk for hours to try and get to the nearest hospital and ended up being forced to give birth at the side of the road.

Her baby was alive, but her ordeal was not over. She was losing so much blood that she had to be rushed by ambulance (provided by CARE and partners) to a health centre we support in the Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement in northern Uganda.

Joana and her baby survived their ordeal thanks to the kind donations of our supporters. But so many mothers and babies do not.

Will you gift a kit today and help save the lives of mothers like Joana and their babies?

Gift a life-saving kit today