International Women's Day 2024

Join CARE and support women caught up in crisis

Gaza destruction

When a crisis happens, women and girls are often the hardest hit. Their own needs are frequently neglected as they respond to those of their families and communities. The risk of gender-based and sexual violence increases. Women’s specific healthcare needs, for example for pregnant women and young mothers, often go unmet.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Gaza, where women and girls are enduring unbearable injuries and trauma from the conflict. Over 70% of the nearly 30,000 people who have died in Gaza since October 7th are women and children. Without a ceasefire and access to aid, women and girls will continue to die, either from the bombing or from hunger and disease.

This International Women’s Day, join CARE and stand with women who are caught up in the dangerous realities of living through crisis.

You can support our International Women’s Day campaign in the following ways:

Send a message of support to our colleagues in Gaza and the West Bank

Aid distribution in Rafah, Gaza

Right now, our incredibly dedicated CARE team in Gaza and the West Bank are working alongside our local partners around the clock. Despite being terrified for their own families’ safety, whenever it is safe to do they are helping to get safe water, medicine and short-term shelter kits to people in Gaza, prioritising the needs of women and girls.

This International Women’s Day, send your message of support to CARE’s staff in Gaza and the West Bank to show you stand with them. Knowing that they are not alone helps give them the strength to keep going despite the horrific circumstances they are facing.

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Join our call for a #CeasefireForHer

Social media graphic - CeasefireForHer

On International Women’s Day and throughout March, we will be sharing posts on social media calling for an immediate and permanent #CeasefireForHer in Gaza. Help amplify our message by liking and sharing our posts.

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Donate to help women caught up in crisis

Esther, Mudja, DRC

Your donation could help women and girls who are affected by conflict, give a girl an education or support women to rebuild their lives after a crisis.