Organise your own event

CARE supporters Maddie and Connor after completing the Vitality Hackney Half Marathon in April 2017

If you're thinking about supporting CARE’s vital poverty-fighting work by holding your own fundraising event and are looking for some fundraising ideas and inspiration, this is the right place.

From a bake sale to themed party, we look forward to hearing about what you have planned and helping you along the way!


There are lots of reasons to fundraise for CARE 

  • It’s fun!
  • Use your skills and hobbies to fundraise with something you love doing.
  • We can help you with ideas and resources to ensure you make the most of your event.
  • 83p of every £1 raised goes to help people find their way out of poverty.
  • It will make you very happy and proud!

Want to get involved but don’t know what to do?

  • Quick and easy

Save your coins, organise a ‘bad tie day’ at work, hold a raffle, bake sale, sponsored silence, bucket collection or book sale.

  • A bit more time

Sponsored sky dive, walk, cycle or run. Quiz night, bingo, film night, bring and buy, sports and other challenges.

  • Let’s do this

Auction, gala evening, battle of the bands, fancy dress (or themed) party.

  • Anyone can fundraise

You can do it on your own, take part in an organised event, or set up your own event.

Please get in touch if you have a fundraising idea, or even if you don’t – but just want to do something! We can help you put your ideas together and kick start your fundraising to support our vital poverty-fighting work around the world.

Be inspired by our amazing supporters’ events…

We are always inspired by our supporters, who take it upon themselves to face a challenge or event on their own to raise money for CARE.

  • Friends Brian, Andy and Ceri set up a team called the “Unlikely Joglers” and rode the 874 miles by bike from John O’Groats to Lands End over 9 days in June of 2017, raising (so far) £3,252 for CARE.
  • One of our creative supporters, ‘Dan Tastic’, has raised nearly £13,000 over the last four years by painting bins at the Glastonbury music festival!
  • When Roger and Felicity got married, they asked their guests to donate to CARE rather than buy wedding gifts. The response they received was fantastic and they raised over £1,400 – far more than the £850 they had hoped for.
  • Six-year-old Dilys was so moved by the plight of refugee children that she invited all of her school to a cake sale in her garden, raising £752.

These are just a few examples to show that you can turn almost anything into a fundraising activity!

Ready to get started?

Fundraising events are a great way to raise money and have a good time – take a look at our top tips to help you get started.

Planning your event


Who are you expecting to come to your event? Is it colleagues, friends, family? Could you get anyone to help you organise the event?


What are the people you want to come to your event interested in? Make sure your event appeals to them or they won’t come!


Where is your event going to be? (Make sure you get your venue for free where possible). Do they have public liability insurance to cover your event? Is it easy for people to get to?


When are most of your supporters likely to come to the event? After work or over a weekend? If they have families don’t forget to check out school holidays in case they plan to go away.


How is your event going to make money? How much is your event going to cost? How much of your time is it going to take?

Don’t forget to think about extra ways to bring in money on the night – raffles, competitions, a cloakroom, selling refreshments. Make an action plan and budget … and stick to it!


Don’t lose sight of why you are doing this event. It is to make money for CARE’s vital poverty-fighting work, and support people around the world to find a way out of poverty. So with every decision you make, ensure that you refer back to this aim so that you can lead your choices in the right direction.

Please note: CARE International cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury suffered by you or anyone else as a result of taking part in your fundraising events.


To get started please phone us on 020 7091 6111 or email us at

Fundraising tips

1. Make a fundraising plan

List your fundraising ideas, how much each idea might raise and how much time they would take. Think about who would support you: work, friends, family, social clubs you attend, church groups... At this point see if you can find someone to help you with the event – it makes it a lot easier for brainstorming, motivating and doubling your contacts!

2. Create an online sponsorship page

The easiest way to start fundraising is to set up an online sponsorship page. Go to to set up your page and send it to everyone you know. Make sure you personalise your page with pictures and a story about why you are supporting CARE. 

3. Tell everyone

Write a personalised email to everyone you know asking for support on your event. Make sure you explain why you are undertaking this challenge and why you need their support. If you are on Facebook or Twitter, don’t forget to keep reminding people to sponsor you.

4. Use your work contacts

If you can get your boss on board, the chances are you will be able to do a lot more in your work-place and get your whole company behind you. It’s also worth checking if your organisation does match-funding.

Remember, we can help you put your ideas together. To get started please phone us on 020 7091 6111 or email us at