Two girls at a refugee camp in northern Iraq

A gift to CARE International is not a handout, it’s an investment

For over 70 years, CARE International has been responding to disasters, tackling poverty and saving lives. From sending CARE packages of food to families affected by World War II, we have grown into one of the world’s leading humanitarian organisations.

At CARE, we focus on women and girls - because when one woman is helped, her family and community are helped too. Healthier women have healthier children and educated women are more likely to send their children to school and be financially independent.

By partnering with CARE, we can tackle the injustices that trap women and girls in poverty together.

Your support will help women and girls in gaining an education, starting businesses and keeping healthy. And it will give them the skills they need to withstand times of hardship.

By investing in women, you are not just changing their lives - but those of generations to come.

Lauren ManderWhat you can expect from us

You will have a direct line to Lauren in our Philanthropy team. She will provide you with key information and regular updates. 

You can expect the opportunity to visit the projects that you are supporting, so you can meet the people you are investing in. And you will also receive invites to events where you can hear more about the work you are supporting.

To find out more about making a gift and ensuring it has maximum impact please contact Lauren on 020 6091 6151 or email