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Millions of women are in crisis around the globe

The number of people in need of humanitarian assistance globally is at unprecedented levels. Climate change, natural disasters and conflicts are all taking their toll.

And when an emergency happens, we know women and girls are often disproportionately affected – and in ways that differ to men. In particular, in a crisis situation the risk of violence against women and girls is heightened, and they may have specific needs that may go unmet such as sanitary products or reproductive services.

Millions of women are in crisis around the globe. You could help.

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Salma's story

Salma at home

Salma is one of the fourteen million people who have had to flee their homes since conflict broke out in Syria 12 years ago, leaving everything they’ve ever known behind and often taking nothing but the clothes on their backs.

As the conflict raged, Salma struggled to provide for her family. She told us:

I lost my job when the war started. I had no income and could not buy food. My only wish was to give my children a glass of milk.”

How CARE is supporting women in crisis

Thanks to your support, CARE and our partners deliver emergency supplies to families like Salma’s, such as food, clothing, cash, and sanitary products, and help make sure women and girls have the shelter, healthcare and the protection they need to stay safe.

We also work with communities to help them rebuild their lives. This includes running programmes to help women start their own businesses and lift themselves and their communities out of poverty – just like Salma did after receiving a business grant from CARE.

Looking back at how my life has changed, I am just so very happy. I have worked very hard and succeeded. In the past, I had to ask my neighbours for milk for my children. Now, I make my own.”


Salma preparing dairy products

Women in crisis situations need your support

The crisis in Syria is just one of many happening right now around the world. For every woman like Salma we have helped, there are many more who still need support. Together, we can help women come out of a crisis stronger and more determined than ever before.

Your donation could help women like Salma rebuild their lives.

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