Turkey-Syria earthquakes

The devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria killed over 67,000 people. Now the survivors need your help.

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More than 3 million people have lost their homes in southern Turkey and north-west Syria following the earthquakes that struck in February this year.

The scale of the devastation is immense

Thousands are still relying on aid to cover basic daily needs such as water, shelter and food.

Countless buildings, including homes, schools and hospitals, have been reduced to rubble or damaged beyond repair.

The earthquakes lasted seconds but the aftermath will last for years. Given the tragic loss of life and scale of destruction, in the longer-term people will need help in re-building their resilience as well as their livelihoods.

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The healthcare systems in Turkey and Syria are being pushed to the limit. Dr Dina Um Nour is a gynaecologis working in Northwest Syria. She told us:

What I am witnessing as a doctor after the earthquakes is something I have never seen before."

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Dr. Dima Um Nour, Syria

How CARE is responding

Together with our partners, we have reached over 600,000 people in Turkey and northwest Syria with life-saving assistance, including:

  • Emergency shelter
  • Food
  • Warm clothing and blankets
  • Safe water and mobile toilets/showers
  • Sanitary products and hygiene kits
  • Health facilities and mobile clinics

CARE and our partners prioritise the needs of groups who may be in a vulnerable position, including women and girls, and unaccompanied children.

However many times we've practised to make sure that we are ready for a significant crisis, it's never the same as when you go through it.

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Sherine, Turkey Country Director

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