CARE is changing the story: Making women equally represented and valued

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17 June 2022


#ChangeTheStory on women’s representation

#ChangeTheStory focuses on the unequal representation of women in different areas of society, elevating women’s voices and celebrating women’s accomplishments.

Because when we change the story about women, we change the story for women.

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Why women’s representation matters to CARE

Women and girls are disproportionately impacted by humanitarian emergencies and poverty, yet they are central to solutions. Women who are on the front lines of emergencies must be equally represented at the decision-making tables that affect them: at home, in their community and at national and global level. This is the fundamental thread that runs through CARE’s work. Whether she is tackling the impacts of the climate crisis in her community, helping her family survive the aftermath of war, representing her country at sport or running for election. Women’s visibility matters, everywhere and at every level.

Partnering with Wikipedia and Women in Red

CARE International UK has joined forces with Wikimedia UK and Women In Red are joining forces to #ChangeTheStory on women’s representation.

Wikipedia’s influence over society’s understanding of history, cultures and individual achievements is undeniable as the eighth most visited website in the world. Too often, women’s achievements are not given the same credit or recognition as those of men. Only 20% of biographies are about women.

Empowering Women Workers in Bangladesh

#ChangeTheStory: Football

One of the focuses of our #ChangeTheStory campaign is the recognition and celebration of women’s sporting achievements.  Currently, there are more entries on Wikipedia about football and male footballers than there are about women in their entirety. It’s time to #ChangeTheStory.

#ChangeTheStory: Edinburgh Festival

Did you know that only 15% of stand-up comedians on Wikipedia are women? Throughout the Edinburgh festival, we highlighted the lack of representation of women in the arts.

You can learn how to be a Wikipedia editor and Change The Story for women and girls. Women In Red organise free editathons to increase the number of women and non-binary performers on Wikipedia.

Women at G7

Despite crises and disasters acutely affecting women and girls, women are wholly underrepresented in political leadership and decision-making positions. Only 10 countries currently have a female head of state and only 13 countries have a woman head of government. With the absence of Angela Merkel, the 2022 G7 was the first summit without a female representative from a nation-state for 17 years.

#ChangeTheStory - ensuring women’s voices are heard at the G7.

March4Women 2018

Get involved

Like and share our #ChangeTheStory posts and use the #ChangeTheStory hashtag on your social.  

Learn more about Women In Red and sign up as a Wikipedia editor to help “write the wrongs” on gender representation on Wikipedia.

Listen to our exclusive International Women's Day #Walk4Women podcast.

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