Climate change is sexist: World leaders must act at COP28

28 November 2023


Meet GenAdapt

Women and girls demand action from world leaders at COP28

We need the world's leaders to take action on climate change. It affects us all. Tomorrow may be too late.” - Josselyn, Ecuador

CARE is making sure the voices of the women and girls most affected by climate devastation are heard at COP28, the UN Climate Conference taking place in Dubai from 20 November – 12 December 2023.

As we confront a climate crisis that endangers our collective future, CARE is elevating the voices of those who are facing its harshest consequences. These voices belong to GenAdapt – the generation of women and girls on the frontlines, working tirelessly to adapt to a devastating new climate reality for themselves, their families and communities.

Women and girls like Mamata, from Bangladesh:

We are not responsible for the damages caused by climate change. I want to say to world leaders - take action so that we can survive the losses that are happening."

Mamata Begum

Climate change is sexist

Disproportionately affected. Underrepresented. Underfunded.

As droughts, extreme weather, and temperature shifts disrupt livelihoods, women and girls are the hardest hit. They face vulnerability to displacement and gender-based violence, and are shouldering more domestic and caregiving responsibilities.

Women like Josselyn, a farmer from San Isidro, Ecuador:

“Climate change affects women more because we are in charge of the land. We care, sow, weed… we are focused on the family.”

Josselyn, Ecuador

Women and girls must be part of the solution

Now is the time to support the women and girls being forced to adapt to the climate crisis. They are the experts: they already live with the new, tougher reality of climate change and know what it takes to lead their families and community out of crisis.

Women and girls like Jerin from Bangladesh, who is inspiring others in her community to take measures that will help them to adapt to the reality of climate change:

"I thought about the damage done to my family and neighbours after the floodwaters came to their homes... I have advised everyone in the village to plant trees so they can help with climate change."

Jerin, Bangladesh

Our demands for COP28

CARE is calling on world leaders to ensure that the voices of women and girls at the frontline of climate crisis do not go unheard at COP28.

Together, we are calling for:

1. More funding for women and girls faced with climate chaos

CARE’s research shows less that 0.2% of bilateral UK climate finance reached Women’s Rights Organisations last year.

2. More women making decisions for their futures

Just one third of country negotiating teams at climate summits are women: this needs to change

3. A fast and fair phase out of fossil fuels to clean, renewable energies

Every fraction of a degree of global warming will exacerbate climate chaos and increase the impact on women and girls disproportionately.

Climate change is already costing women and girls their health, homes, education and employment. They need global support to adapt by ensuring money reaches those worst affected, who know how best to spend it.

The expertise and leadership of GenAdapt is the key to weathering climate change's storms and creating a sustainable future for all.

Show your solidarity with GenAdapt by sharing the stories of these remarkable women and girls.

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“My message to world leaders is if we take care of the earth, the earth will take care of us.” - Perla, Ecuador


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Meet GenAdapt

The generation of women and girls forced to adapt to the reality of climate devastation

Meet GenAdapt