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16 November 2022


Low-income communities around the world are currently bearing the burden of climate change through compromised livelihoods, food insecurity and instability. Right now, world leaders are gathered in Egypt for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27). CARE is calling for decisive action at COP27 in response to the near-apocalyptic crises the world has experienced in 2022.

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And CARE is also changing the story for communities who are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Since 2010, our Lendwithcare programme has provided CARE supporters with the opportunity to fund low-income entrepreneurs through life-changing loans. This funding allows small business owners to make sensible investments to grow their income and provide a brighter future for their families.

Lendwithcare’s climate positive grants provide CARE supporters with the chance to give direct help to low-income families while also bringing down CO2 emissions. We have partnered with the Fair Climate Fund and BioMassters in Rwanda to launch a new way of supporting low-income households through grant funding. Together, we’re changing the story for women like Eugenie, who received an energy efficient cookstove through BioMassters in March this year.

I requested a Lendwithcare grant to buy a clean and affordable cookstove. Now we are using a new stove that is clean and cooks faster. I used to spend $15 on charcoal per month but now I only spend $10 on cooking pellets.”


Eugenie - Lendwithcare

Many low-income households across the world do not have access to clean cooking. This presents a real problem, as traditional approaches to cooking can be highly polluting and harmful to both people and the planet.

Eugenie received an energy efficient cookstove which helped to reduce her spend on fuel by a whopping $60 a year. Through using the stove, Eugenie and her family are having a positive impact on the environment.

To date, the Lendwithcare community has funded over 450 grants in Rwanda and India, directly supporting low-income families and positively impacting the environment by reducing CO2 emissions by an estimated 4,000 tonnes.

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Positively impact both people and planet by making a climate positive grant through Lendwithcare today.

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