Meet GenAdapt: Hanh’s story

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10 October 2023


Meet GenAdapt: a new generation of women and girls who are the first to have to adapt to a new, tougher climate reality in order to survive and thrive.

This International Day of the Girl, CARE is launching our GenAdapt campaign, raising the voices of the women and girls who are on the frontline of the climate crisis.

Girls like Hanh, who is 12 years old. She lives with her parents and younger brother in Lai Chau province, Vietnam.

GenAdapt: Hanh's story

Hanh’s parents are both farmers. While she goes to school, her mother does most of the work on the family farm, including growing rice, sugarcane and vegetables.

The impact of climate devastation

Hanh is worried about the impact of climate change on her family. “The extreme weather has a huge effect on women, especially farmers like my mother. When the weather changes, my mother is affected the most.”

“My father said at the beginning of the year, there was strong wind. We were afraid that the wind would take our roof away. By May it was too hot. If we had not sowed the rice seeds then, they would have died. So we had to sow again.”

When the crops are affected by extreme weather, the family loses income and has less food to eat. “In September, October, some years there was wind, strong wind all the rice was fallen down. We had no rice for eating.”

Climate change is also making it more difficult and dangerous for Hanh to get an education:

My way to school is across mountains and hills. There is lots of water. I am afraid of a landslide.”

Hanh on way home from school

World leaders must take action

On International Day of the Girl Child, Hanh is urging world leaders to listen to and support GenAdapt: “Governments should help those affected by climate change so that farmers like us can produce enough food.”

Join us and share Hanh’s story

CARE is raising the voices of women and girls like Hanh through our GenAdapt campaign. Will you join us in sharing their stories and help make sure their voices are heard?

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Meet GenAdapt

Meet the women and girls who are on the frontline of the climate crisis, adapting to a new reality.

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