Meet GenAdapt: Perla's story


10 October 2023


Perla is part of a new generation - GenAdapt - of women and girls who are on the frontlines of the climate crisis, adapting to a new, tougher climate reality. The expertise and leadership of girls like Perla holds the key to weathering climate change's storms and creating a sustainable future for all.

GenAdapt: Perla's story

Generations of climate activists

Perla is eight years old and lives in the San Isidro community in Ecuador. Perla and her mother, Josselyn, are part of a group called ‘Andean rural women against climate change’. Perla helps her mother to look after their agro-ecological plot, which increases resilience against drought.

Perla has learned from and worked alongside her parents and grandparents to look after the environment:

“From my paternal grandmother, I inherited strength and bravery and the love of vegetables. From my maternal grandmother, confidence and willpower,” she says. “My mother has taught me to be honest, to help myself, to help others, and help people. My father has taught me how to harvest, to never give up, and to be a free woman.”

An independent woman is a free woman.”


Perla helps her mother to harvest their plot. She says her favourite part of the harvest is spending time with her mum. “The most difficult harvest is tomatoes and the easiest is spinach. The easiest and most fun thing is to help my mum.”

The impact of climate change

Perla is very worried about the impact of climate change on her community:

“What we need here and what also hurts us a lot is that we don't have much water. We used to have more or less 15 to 25 litres of water per second per minute but now it’s more or less 10 or 5."

Taking action to address climate change

Perla explains there are a number of ways to address climate change including planting trees, avoiding harsh chemicals and being careful with water supplies.

Perla is urging everyone to address climate change, especially world leaders and those who have the power to make decisions about our lives:

If we take care of the earth, the earth will take care of us.”

Perla with tomatoes

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Meet GenAdapt

Meet the women and girls who are on the frontlines of the climate crisis, adapting to a new reality.

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