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Mary Earps T Shirt

28 July 2023


We've dropped some new statement tees to celebrate the Women's World Cup and bring women's achievements into the spotlight. Too often, women are not given the same credit or recognition as those of men. You can choose any wonder woman you want to shout about, but we recommend starting with the inspiring World Cup players taking to the pitch this month! We believe that when we change the story about women, we change the story for women.

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I Love Football T-shirt

I love women's football T Shirt

Can't we just call it football? Can't we just call it The World Cup? Too often, women’s achievements are not given the same credit or recognition as those of men. Help us change the story about women by changing the story about women's football!

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We do kids sizes too!

Keira Walsh T Shirt

It's never too early to start changing the world! By celebrating the achievements of women and highlighting those that are breaking down barriers, we're laying the path for a more equal and just future for the next generation. So what are you waiting for?

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CARE supports women in crisis

Barwako, Somalia

The lives of millions of women around the globe have been shattered by the devastating effects of conflict, climate change and natural disasters. Many have had to flee their homes, leaving everything they’ve ever known behind.

But you could help provide essential supplies such as food, clothing and cash, and make sure women and girls have the shelter, healthcare and protection they need to stay safe. And with your support, CARE can help give women the tools they need to build a better future for themselves and their families.

A proportion of all T Shirt sales go to CARE if you fancy some of our World Cup Merch, or you can support our work directly with a donation.

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