DEC Turkey-Syria earthquake appeal

DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Hero

06 February 2023


Two massive earthquakes have struck in Turkey, leaving thousands of people there and in northern Syria in desperate need of support. The death toll is rising rapidly and has passed 44,000. Thousands more have been injured.

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With the freezing weather and snowstorms hampering rescue efforts, the situation is incredibly worrying. And with the risk of aftershocks and further tremors, we cannot yet say for certain how many people will be in need of support.

Further devastation for communities in Syria

For the people of northern Syria, these earthquakes come on top of twelve years of civil war, and an already unimaginable level of suffering. Since 2011, millions of Syrians have been forced to flee their homes, and the country’s infrastructure has been heavily damaged.

CARE staff member, Rami Araban, was in the region when the earthquake struck. He told us:

It was very scary. I thought it would never stop, and the whole city was falling apart. There is no water, and we are outside in the freezing cold. People here are crying. Everyone is afraid. The situation is particularly difficult for children and the elderly.”

CARE is providing life-saving support

Right now, our teams are working with our partners to assess where the need is greatest and where our help will be most valuable. We are prioritising the delivery of essential items to people seeking refuge from the earthquake. Your donation could help buy food, water, shelter and life-saving healthcare.

We urgently need your support to help protect vulnerable families.

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CARE International is raising money together with the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) for the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal. The DEC is a consortium of 15 aid agencies working together in times of disasters and emergencies.

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